More details: HTC Diamond and Raphael = Touch Diamond & Touch Pro

Well, following up on our earlier post about those fancy-schmancy new HTC devices reportedly heading to Sprint, some much wanted specs have since come out.

Paul over at MoDaCo not only has the quite lovely features but also their launch names:

  • HTC Diamond = HTC Touch Diamond
  • HTC Raphael = HTC Touch Pro
  • HTC Titanium = HTC Touch Dual Pro

That latter one we haven’t heard much about but evidently it’s the updated version of the current Touch Dual, which makes sense if they are refreshing the regular Touch. The Titanium/Touch Dual Pro is speculated to have that current slider dial pad but otherwise keeps the Touch Pro’s specs.

And what are those specs for the Touch Pro (Raphael) and Touch Diamond? Lets just say please make sure you are currently sitting down before you click that "read more" link!

Now it's unclear if all of these specs will be in the CDMA versions, as features like FM radio can be disabled, etc. But here is what we know about the Touch Diamond & Raphael:

  • Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional
  • Qualcomm MSM 7201A @ 528MHz
  • 256MB ROM / 128MB RAM
  • 7.2MB HSDPA / HSUPA (rev A EVDO for Sprint versions)
  • 2.8" VGA screen
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth 2.0 with EDR
  • eGPS
  • 3.1MP Camera with flash
  • Forward facing camera
  • 4GB internal flash storage (Diamond only) - Samsung MoviNAND
  • TV out (Raphael only)
  • Orientation sensor (a-la-iPhone)
  • FM Radio
  • microSD expansion
  • 900mAh battery (!!!)
  • Diamond: 51x99x10.7mm
  • Raphael: 51x99x17mm

What is eGPS you ask? Talk about cutting edge, this stuff was just officially announced by the UK company CSR in February. Basically it’s like aGPS but better. Way better. (In fairness, Qualcomm has their gpsOneXTRA to compete)

A typical eGPS push-to-fix will be available in less than 4 seconds, accurate to within 10 meters and require the equivalent power of less than 1 second of handset talk time.

It works indoors, when the device is powered down, uses less battery, acquires the sat signal faster and works globally. Holla! And did you see that mention of 4gb internal flash storage on the HTC Diamond (but not Raphael?)

We guess the only downside is possibly that wimpy 900mah (!) battery though with such new technology, it’s a bit premature to suggest that these will necessarily be battery hogs. Lets hope not!

Oh and yeah…there will be GSM versions of all of these too, in fact they may be coming out very soon ;-)

Phil Nickinson

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