Expect Mango in a few days says LG-Netherlands

LG has released some exciting information on Twitter to a fellow user who queried as to when Windows Phone users in the Netherlands can expect to see the Mango update. The tweet below states that LG is looking to see Mango rolled out in the country in the next few days.

"Beste, Mango voor Windows phone 7 verwachten we binnen enkele dagen, Groet"

If you'd rather get a new device for Mango, remember that the massive screen-featuring HTC Titan is set to be available in the Netherlands by early October (opens in new tab).

Source: @LG_WEBCARE_NL (opens in new tab), thanks Rick for the heads up (opens in new tab)!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Dutch: Ow dat is echt fijn. Als ze met enkele dagen 'voor maandag' bedoelen, ben ik echt blij!English: Ow that's really nice. If the next few day's means 'before monday' I'm really happy!
  • I wish that applied to LG users all over the world. Damn you AT&T!!!!!
  • That makes about 10 carriers that have announced they are ready. Slinky ATT saidthey were going to be among the first to roll out so I expect they will start about the same time as most have said within the next two weeks. If history repeats itself in terms of rollout of updates on ATT as far as devices the quantum will be updated before the focus gets it. So chill the whine and enjoy the fuit and cheese!