Fable Legends open beta for Xbox One and Windows 10 delayed to spring 2016

Fable Legends coming to Xbox One and Windows 10
Fable Legends coming to Xbox One and Windows 10

The upcoming free-to-play multiplayer RPG Fable Legends will take a bit longer to reach open beta status. Developer Lionhead Studios and publisher Microsoft have confirmed that the open beta test for Windows 10 and Xbox One won't make its previously announced launch by the end of 2015 amd instead will be launches sometime in the spring of 2016.

In a post on the game's official webpage. Lionhead stated:

"To be honest, we didn't anticipate just how big Fable Legends is becoming. It's simply the most ambitious game we've ever created at Lionhead. We've built a unique and innovative multiplayer experience combining RPG and RTS gameplay which allows you to play, and use your gear seamlessly, across Xbox One and Windows 10. On top of this, we've built a beautiful new world full of grand stories and adventures. And it's taking more time than we thought."

The good news is that Lionhead will be inviting 100,000 people to participate in the current closed beta test for Fable Legends over the next few weeks.

Sign up to be picked for the Fable Legends closed beta test{.cta .large}

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  • Used to delays now...sigh!
  • Coming SoonTM :D
  • Oh no. I've been looking forward to this for sometime now.
  • This game was supposed to launch in 2015--the game, not the beta. This is fine, though. The 2015 Xbox One exclusive lineup right now is too crowded anyway, with Rise of the Tomb Raider, Halo 5, Forza Motorsport 6, Gears of War Ultimate, Rare Replay, and Ori and the Blind Forest.
  • Man, they has playable demos of this game like a year and a half ago. I think Lionhead may be in trouble.
  • Yeah, you make a good point. That's definitely concerning.
  • 2016 might be bigger, though. ReCore, Quantum Break, Crackdown, Gears 4, Halo Wars 2, Sea of Thieves, and probably some unannounced stuff (Forza Horizon 3?).
  • Yeah, most likely all of that (and Gigantic too), which could make it difficult for Fable Legends to get some attention. It is pretty impressive how many exclusive games Microsoft Studios is putting out for Xbox One every year.
  • What makes it hard is the bad spacing of releases. If companies made use of the summer months, it wouldn't be so bad. I didn't buy a single game between Dying Light in February and Forza 6 in September, I don't think. All that released was Batman and The Witcher, and neither interested me. Especially given that Fable Legends doesn't need a major holiday to get people to adopt it (it's free, monetized by microtransactions), it could be one to shove out in a period of questionable game availability. Personally, I know I won't be touching Fable Legends, partially because I don't trust it to not be like a phone game that makes me come on in intervals or pay to play. The other part is that it's a minor novelty ot me, and that won't get my attention when I'm picking up Quantum Break, DOOM, Pokken Tournament, The Division, and possibly MLB The Show (if I have gotten a PS4 by then). If they moved it into the summer, there would be no having to throw money at it, and I'd probably have QB and The Division basically finished by then (DOOM could be a constant as a multipalyer offering). I could have time for it in the summer.
  • I much rather the game spend more time in the cooker to make it as perfect as possible rather than them putting it out in a state which they're not comfortable with. I am glad Microsoft is letting them do that, chances are a release date will be at next years E3.
  • I just hope it has some kind of story too...
    I'm not a fan of games that are multiplayer only
  • Well its supposed to be a mmo after all
  • It's not an MMO. But it is meant to be online only. It's a 4 played team game. Nit even close to MMO.
  • Waiting to see how they plan on making money, unless MS is paying them to create THE FTP game to push people to Windows 10. Take your time and get it right. Haven't played the series since Fable 1 on PC and enjoyed it very much.
  • Oh I'm sure there will be micro-transactions. I just hope they handle them correctly by making it luxury items and such.
  • They have already announced their strategy here, and yes it's cosmetic items only.
  • Feels like forever ago I entered the closed beta, would have thought everyone interested would have got in by now. =P
  • It will be worth the wait. Patience.
  • Well it sucks for the people who can't be on closed beta ;) anyway I would have liked more to see gigantic in open beta, because it looks like a nice game, of course I haven't played it, but I like the style they use and all. the studio has problems but nice artists, so hope MS and Motiga can complete these games soon, anyway... I am sure they just didn't meet the deadline, it's not like making a good videogame is 1 month thing, so I am sure when they are released, people will be happy with the result.
  • Yeah, Gigantic is definitely my favorite over FL right now. The graphics have a very unique artistic style, it has a great community, and the whole thing feels... I dunno.. More UNIQUE. Kinda wishing MS would buy them so that they could have more funds. But that said, FL is fun too; really good graphics, etc.
  • More games for 2016. It's better to delay than to get a buggy game.
  • So much for "Our best first-party content year ever.”
  • This is just going to end up just like fable kinect , the game no one will play , we need a single player fable game you miserable linohead Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I haven't enjoyed this game, with the long matchmaking and terrible camera angles..Very hard to stay interested.  It has grown quite a bit in terms of what you can do, but seems the game is having an identity crisis... Too bad they didnt do a single player and have the 4 heroes vs 1 villain as the MP. 
  • Not bad but as a Fable fan the closed beta is disappointing overall they need to just hurry up and give us Fable 4