Seeing as we now have a new partner--that'd be Nokia we're talking about--we figure we would start to cover a little bit more about them, since they are a rarity here in the U.S. One of the biggest sites for Noki'a OS, Symbia, is All About Symbian and they just did a real nice review comparison between the HTC 7 Pro (coming to the U.S. as the Sprint Arrive) and the Nokia E7. Both are landscape messenger devices and on the face of it, quite comparable.

But it's the details that are of interest and while we won't ruin everything, a pretty good argument is made that the E7 is much better than the 7 Pro. Now granted, All About Symbian is a little biased towards Nokia and their OS is certainly much more mature, but if you factor in just the hardware quality, well, you'll see why HTC may need to step it up a bit and perhaps why you, as a consumer, should be excited about Nokia's hardware.

The short of the matter is that the E7 has a much more solid body (aluminum shell), better screen (CBD AMOLED), slightly nicer keyboard and sharper video. We recommend folks head over there to see the side by side--you'll learn as much about the 7 Pro as you do about the E7 and Nokia's finesse with hardware.

Soruce: All About Symbian