Facebook and Messenger apps for Windows phone retiring June 30 (update)

What you need to know

  • Facebook is dropping support for its slate of Windows Phone apps, including Messenger, Instagram, and the Facebook app itself.
  • Instagram is set to lose support on April 30.
  • While it was initially though Facebook and Messenger would be pulled by the same date, Facebook is now alerting users of its main app that it will no longer be available as of June 30.

Updated: June 4, 2019: In a notification being sent to Facebook users in the Windows Phone app, Facebook says the app will no long be available as of June 30. The company says users can continue using Facebook via their mobile browser. The original story follows. Thanks to Hassan N. for the tip!

Facebook began alerting Instagram users this week that the app will be retired on April 30, but it looks like it's not the only app on the chopping block. Speaking with Engadget, a Microsoft spokesperson confirmed that Facebook is dropping support for all of its apps on Windows phone on April 30, including its flagship app and Facebook Messenger.

As with Instagram, the alternative for anyone continuing to use a Windows 10 Mobile device will be to visit each site on the web through the mobile browser. It's unclear with currently available information whether this will impact the Windows 10 apps, but it doesn't appear as if that will be the case.

While the web apps can be pinned to your Start screen, users can also turn to alternative third-party apps, such as Winsta (opens in new tab), to take each app's place, where available.

Windows 10 Mobile is just months from losing support from Microsoft, so it's not surprising to see high-profile apps leaving the store. Microsoft is set to end support for Windows 10 Mobile in December, meaning it will no longer receive security updates.

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  • After facebook removed intergration from the Windows phone OS, it was all down bank from there on in. I didn't bother with the facebook apps on my windows phone. Having it intergrated and not have to worry about where the message came from or where it went to was great. One of the features I miss most from windows phone .
    Still, shame the apps are being wound down now. Its all slowly dying off. makes you wonder when Microsoft will finally pull the plug on it and stop you signing in.
  • Sadly, that kind of user experience is just too intelligent for 99% of smartphone users. That's why they are happy to be stupid Android or iPhone lemmings.
  • Palm and I think Blackberry also had similar hubs for messaging. It didn't seem to be that important. If you really want that experience on Android, there are apps that provide it.
  • not just that but also FB and Twitter would rather have control of the userbase themselves instead of allowing users to go through a middleman like WP.
    For obvious data mining reasons
    But yeah the days in which this was all integrated to WP was an absolute treat to experience.
  • I liked the integration too, but keeping up with updates seemed to be too much for MS. While the actual app was being updated constantly on Android and iOS, the facebook experience on WP was awful.
  • There are people who do not give a crapp about facebook and instagram, ever tought about that? Windows 10 mobile was never stable, always buggy and had a crappy performance to it, and i have the big guy 950 xl. But well, Microsoft killed windows mobile with their own ignorance so HMD released devices right on time to jump on a clean android. That is the reason i switched.
  • Talked about buggy version then mention Android 😂
  • Never felt any more buggy than android to me. Get occasional app crashes, usually the apps fault on both OSes.
  • stability and performance all started going downhill with wp 8.1 Such a tragedy
  • No, it's not that and you know it. You can't blame people for choosing Android or iOS when: - WM didn't even have a functional web browser. It couldn't block popups (something even IE6 could do), you couldn't re-arrange tabs, etc.
    - every new version of WP was a new api. Good luck keeping developers!
    - overall, the last proper feature update for WM was Anniversary Update.
  • I really liked the idea of integration too, but in practice it never worked well for me because Facebook or whatever other company would do some update which would always break the integration or new features wouldn't come through the integration method.
  • Microsoft officially will end support this year. 2019
  • What's interesting to me, is the rate UWP is growing. Rumours are FB, whatsapp are both developing UWP apps (real ones). Kodi still wants a real UWP. And unity is being ported to UWP. w10m might end up nerfed in other ways, but also a platform that can run things other mobile phones can't dream of (what mobile OS can run a proper graphics engine?). It's a pretty weird space because it can run true UWPs, and UWPs aren't tied to the platform, but instead cover PC, xbox, hololens, hub, WMR etc. The platform also has partial support for PWA, which is why you can run twitters app (but without notifications), and uber etc. w10m might end up being the most app rich dead OS in tech history. It's growing as it dies. So odd. I'm going to keep mine around after I switch just because of this. Maybe use it as a music player, and alternative camera. Maybe enough UWP/PWA will happen that it actually gets better after it dies. Certainly can't say that for BB or symbian.
  • I remember that, Simon. Oh, those were great days...
  • Remember when Windows integrated Skype messaging in to the OS too? They hit their peak at that point. All messages through one system. Perfect!
    Then they ripped it apart.
  • Sometimes I will sit there on the toilet with my Android phone, reminiscing about how good my Windows phone was while starring at the Google logos... and then I'll cry a little. I'm not ashamed to admit it, these kidney stones hurt when they pass.
  • MS should do the right thing and open source W10M for the hardcore fans. It's the least they could do after launching a platform they didn't commit to and didn't support whole heartedly. Or am I asking for too much?
  • You're asking for too much because there is way too much code in there that is shared with the still supported Windows platforms.
  • Ugh! So frustrating. Love my windows phone and it's the only other phone besides iPhones that are allowed for use by my company. What web apps are you talking about, BTW?
  • Just go to Edge and search for FB
  • For some reason, though, the mobile Facebook website on Edge on Windows 10 Mobile is atrociously bad, though, even though it used to be good, and even though other Facebook-owned sites are great (like Instagram). I don't get that.
  • FB web wrapper apps like slimsocial.
  • The sky is falling.
  • They might as well do the the same for the windows 10 pc store apps that are never updated.
  • I want to say yes but I use Instagram a lot on desktop
  • No, lol. Instead they should (and probably will), write proper UWPs that work across the microsoft hardware ecosystem.
  • If you've ever used the Facebook app on WP you would think they abandoned it years ago. I used to use mobile site pinned to a tile on the start screen🙄🙄🙄🙄
  • Totally right, but the rate of abandonment will circulate and then the others will jump aboard. I hope Groupme, To-Do and Deezer don't go to soon :(
  • ... you do realise this thing is going bust in 8 months, right?
  • If they are proper UWPs, unlikely. UWP isn't specific to the win10m platform, it covers PC, xbox, WMR, hololens, hub2, and the upcoming WCOS. If they are specific to the win10m platform yes. The bigger concern for win10m isn't the apps (as more than likely more PWAs and UWPs will come to the store), but rather the core features (like photo syncing will die a year after december, and one day, the store may stop working)
  • Me too. I don't see what was so wrong or weird about that
  • You gotta wonder about all the gnashing of teeth about this. The official FB app, was the most hated app on the platform, slow and buggy. You'd think anyone left on the platform would be dancing around a fire!
  • WhatsApp will probably be next since it is owned by Facebook. Others like Spotify will follow too probably. From smartphone to dumbphone
  • Rumour is they are both developing UWP. Which also run on win10m as well as all the other MS platforms. Didn't even know spotify was on the platform. They'll probably go UWP eventually.
  • I am using multiple phones, and one of them is iOS, one Android and the others are Windows. Hands down Windows is still the ONLY system worth using, but we are being FORCED by MS (should I say, Mr. ******) to abandon ship because he wants to use an iPhone. What's going to happen to the apps on desktop now? What's next? I still pine for Groove. I don't care what any Android or iOS fan says, they are crap operating systems - either boring as bat **** or buggy and complicated. <language removed>!!!
  • Same here-have ZERO interest in the other two OSs. Really really sucks to have only two OS's now and I don't like either of them. Dull boring home screen static icons that tell me nothing. Will continue to use my 950XL and 1520 till nothing works anymore. Long live Live Tiles.
  • There is an app on android that integrates quite well the windows interface, the only problem to it is that the fonts are a bit to big. But well, they might be updated.
  • The fact that you're using multiple platforms already shows that WP wouldn't survive. You can't get everything being on one platform and most people have to choose one phone to live with. Sadly WP can't cut it for most people. I loved so much about the software and interface. Apps were the biggest issue at the end of the day for me.
  • Right now, I'm looking to switch, but I'm planning to keep my win10m around. Why? UWP and PWA are both growing. It's quite possible this dead platform will get interesting things not available on the others (like say, the unity engine which is being ported to UWP). Still, probably one day the store will stop working. The lack of photo sync a year from December will defo be annoying.
    I feel your pain, but windows core will one day be a replacement when eventually it comes to small screens.
  • Well, *every* Android and iOS phone (even much under 500!) is an alternative to Windows phone, no matter how 'true' fan you are/were, or not. If one needs nothing more than call, SMS and camera, no need to worry 😉
  • I never used them because they were slow performance wise. The web version was million times better. Heck I haven't installed a Facebook app at all since ~2014.
    In Edge for Windows Mobile there wasn't a need to have Messenger because it didn't recognize it as Android or iOS so you could chat using the old web version of Facebook chat. The only bad thing about it was the notifications, which you didn't have because I don't think Edge for WP could do web notifications.
  • I don't have fb or messenger or instagram so no problems here.
    Only problem I've is my Android phone. What a **** os and google is so annoying. Now I'm having problems with calling!? Because I didn't give google play store enough rights, like camera, location ect!? The play store must have rights to use my camera so my cellphone can make calls without problems?!? WTF!?!
  • Not being able to make phone calls and share sms would be the only reason to abandon my 950xl. There really isn't an app I can't live without and most apps work via web. Services that don't work with the craptastic phone version of edge browser simply will never get any of my business.
  • It's a shame they didn't leave it on some life support. Finishing PWA support (so that it includes notifications), and updating the edge browser to at least where the desktop one was, would have meant all they needed to do to keep win10m working would be updating the store. It supports PWA, UWP, neither of those are going away. I can see financially why they didn't, but with a last push, would have taken minimal effort to maintain.
  • Hey all.
    I'm looking at Likebook, an alternative app that's more like the old version of FB before the "integration" came about. So far, I'm liking it. I also appreciate that I'm not flipped to the messaging app when I want to read a message - a much smoother transition.
    I'm one of those that uses Facebook as a tool for my business, so I do need it on my phone. (also, I like cat memes. :) ) I'll hang onto the "official" app and see what happens when support is dropped.
    I'm going to try and stay with my 950XL until things start really get bad/wonky...
  • I just want to be done with Microsoft. The company is just annoying now. They cannot stick with a new product if it's not a run away success in 2 weeks after it comes out. They dropped W10M extremely prematurely, and even with full Windows they've abandoned their promise to try to get the best apps on the platform. And they want people to choose a SurfaceGo over an iPad why again?
  • If it means using the mobile website for FB, I'd rather to that then switch to the boring competition.
  • But isn't FB working on a UWP version of messenger according to rumours, and also WhatsApp the same? Which presumably would both work on W10M, because they are universal. I mean hell, if Unity engine is being ported to UWP, doesn't that mean w10m might get more games? Kinda sounds like nothing is happening, except these companies are killing antiquated codebase and going with true UWP. Which is a good thing no?
  • I just picked up the Samsung A80 and dropped my last Windows Phone. I'm all android now with 2 phones 😂
  • Windows phone been dead this isn't surprising
  • Which WP device did you use?
  • Uh..what "support"?
    On a related note-anybody notice Band app not syncing anymore?
  • Week this lead to better support for their UWP apps.
  • It's definitely a good bye to windows mobile not many app left next twitter then beyond.
  • Twitter is a PWA. It's not specific to windows mobile in any way. W10m supports true UWP, as well as partial (no notifications) support for PWAs (which currently includes uber, twitter, tinder in the store I think), none of which are windows 10 mobile specific.
  • hi
    I want to know
    after June fbk app for mobile stop working on win10 mobile Can win10 mobile user be able to download the fbk app for mobile via store ? Or not after 30 June Please reply
  • Hey, here's an idea: Huawei said they are building new OS, why not partnering with Microsoft and made the 3rd OS the world so much need it? Imagine merging the two fan bases (one of Huawei and the other of Microsoft) and there you go, you have solid competitor for Android and iOS?
    Anyway, I bought 2 months ago an Android phone Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 (I can't stand iOS and iShit).
    Solid phone, got the latest Android Pie, works great and surprisingly fast, but coming from Lumia 950XL it was like step backwards in my mobile life. Like going down from a horse to a donkey. Even after two months I still can't decide to get my SIM card from the 950XL and to put it in the Samsung Galaxy A7, but I guess I'll have to eventually. One thing I will miss the most will be the fluency of the OS, and most of it the camera. Galaxy A7 2018 even tho it have triple camera set, still can't provide the quality of the photos Lumia 950 can. Camera was the main reason why I couldn't sell my Lumia 950XL last year and why I kept it and why I guess will keep it as my camera phone.
    Shame for the OS, I was and still am a hard core Windows 10 mobile fan. I really had high hopes for this OS, but then that Nadela idiot came and destroyed everything. Balmer maybe was stupid but he believed in Windows Phone.
    I don't know how this will sound to you but any honest WP fan can understand that with the death of WP (W10M) is like piece of me died and that's just very sad.