Facebook App for Windows Mobile (Finally!)

Head on over to http://faceofmobile.com/ to get yourself a copy of FriendMobilizer, a 3rd party app that finally brings Windows Mobile up to par with BlackBerry and (cough) the Palm Centro on the social network scene. FriendMobilizer is a fairly full featured Facebook app, covering messages, profiles, wall posts, status updates, etc. It's not clear if it supports photo uploads, however.

It's ad-supported, it's not the prettiest thing you've ever seen, but it's a smidge better than the Facebook mobile website, eh?


WC Staff
  • its a good concept, but this is a deal killer for me personally:
    "This application connects to the Internet at least every 30 minutes to check your Facebook notifications"
    thats a lot of battery drain especially in low service areas or 1x
  • hmmm....I tried this & ended up taking it off my device. I just didn't like the overall UI all that much, and what I for sure did NOT like was how the 'friends' part required you to look up each individual person to check their status. No thanks. I actually like the mobile website version much better.
  • The app is a noble first attempt. Trial period worked just fine. Then I had to pay and get reactivated. I've been waiting over a week after having paid for the app. No response to multiple emails. No other means of contacting the company. The message board at faceofmobile won't allow posts to the WinMobile section. The Android section is full of spam. The company is a very small start up run by two brothers. One of whom is a full time college student. They need someone to run the operational part of the business as they are clearly not cut out for that part of the business, nor do they have the time to address it. I'm getting tired of being ignored after they have my money. Really crappy experience.
  • nice mobile software. and it will help me