Facebook won't ban players who use more than one headset, apologizes for confusion

Oculus Quest And Quest 2 Sadface
Oculus Quest And Quest 2 Sadface (Image credit: Nick Sutrich / Windows Central)

Oculus Quest And Quest 2 Sadface

Source: Nick Sutrich / Android Central (Image credit: Source: Nick Sutrich / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Oculus Support says that users who use their Facebook account on more than one Oculus device are violating Facebook Terms of Service (ToS).
  • Violating the Facebook ToS can result in your Facebook account getting banned, making it impossible to use your Oculus devices.
  • Many users have been facing Facebook account bans since the Oculus account merger began in early October.

Update, October 25, 2020 (3:15 pm ET): The Oculus Support Twitter account issued a correction related to this topic on Sunday, October 25. Oculus explains that the Oculus Support shared incorrect information regarding banning accounts and clarified that using the same Facebook account on two or more Oculus headsets simultaneously will not get your account banned and that it is not against the Facebook Terms of Service. We've also created a full post outlining the clarification. The original article follows.

In a shocking move, Facebook's Oculus Support team has confirmed that users with multiple Oculus headsets may not use the same Facebook account on each headset at the same time. This means that folks with an Oculus Rift and an Oculus Quest headset, or even multiple Oculus Quest headsets (or any combination thereof) would not be able to use their legitimate Facebook-linked Oculus account on two or more headsets simultaneously. Doing so, according to an Oculus Support representative, violates Facebook's ToS, which could result in a Facebook account ban.

With the unification of Oculus and Facebook accounts, you most likely would not be able to continue with having two headsets as this would be against the Facebook Terms of Service.While you can log in to your primary account on both computers, only one headset would be able to be active on the account at a time.Oculus Support Representative

While a Facebook account ban sounds bad enough in and of itself, it's particularly problematic for Oculus Quest 2 users, who are unable to use their headsets without a valid active Facebook account. At this juncture, it seems that Facebook is suggesting one of two options for users: have someone else in your household login to the other Oculus device with their Facebook account, or only use one headset at a time.

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Given that some users have set up "guest accounts" in the past (myself included), not being able to use the alternate account on a secondary Oculus device makes it impossible to play local multiplayer content. Many gamers are now expressing their frustration at being punished for their patronage to Oculus and left with little to no option to continue using their devices as they would like going forward.

Facebook is working on a multi-user solution (opens in new tab) for Oculus Quest devices, which would allow more than one Facebook account to be logged in to an Oculus Quest at a time. Until then, however, there is no way to use multiple accounts on a single Oculus device and, of course, no way to use a single account on multiple Oculus devices.

We've been in contact with Facebook representatives regarding erroneous account bans and have been assured that Oculus Support has a human available 24/7 to provide users with account support. While that's been panning out just fine for some users, other users are still left with banned accounts after several days, resulting in an Oculus Quest 2 that has often been referred to as a "paperweight". We will update this story with additional info as it develops.

Update: October 25, 3:15pm ET — Oculus won't ban Facebook accounts used on multiple Quest headsets

Oculus Support issued a correction over the weekend regarding the use of one Facebook account across multiple Oculus headsets. An Oculus Support representative incorrectly stated that using a Facebook account simultaneously on two or more Oculus headsets was against the Facebook Terms of Service and would result in a ban. This is not the case, however, as the Oculus Support Twitter account has clarified that doing so is not against the Facebook Terms of Service.

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The initial news, which has since been shown to be incorrect, came as quite a surprise and led to frustration among Oculus headset users. With the Oculus Quest 2 being the first Oculus headset to require a Facebook account, many were concerned that using the same Facebook account on two headsets would result in a ban. Thankfully, this is not the case.

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  • Well that's just stupid. Punish the people that supported them by buying the original quest, by not allowing them to use both...
  • This says at the same time right? How is this different from Xbox exactly? I can't be signed into my primary account on two machines at the same time. Don't get me wrong banning is legit stupid. People don't read tos. I have both quests and my kids get to use it. They are 7 and 12. They have no business having FB accounts and I will not reinvest in oculus games. So still a strange and off putting move
  • This was exactly my reaction. It's pretty common amongst all the gaming brands.
  • Right, but I can have my son play my digitally purchased Xbox game while I also play it on another console so we can co-op online or local.. The licenses are linked to my account, but for Oculus, if a friend we're to play a game with you that you open, why not allow co-op of that sort. Maybe not be signed into 2 devices but allow the content to be shared that way.
  • Make one Xbox your home console. Let your guest sign into it with any account (except yours). Sign into your second xbox with your account. Now you and your guest can play together online using just your one Live subscription and without needing to buy the game twice. This is my kid and I play together.
  • "then, however, there is no way to use multiple accounts on a single Oculus device" Aha, that's the piece of information that makes this decision arse. Change that and it's all good.
  • Oh the days of being able to use physical hardware however you want because it's physical hardware and you bought it.
  • Just another good reason that I bought the HP Reverb G2
  • Glad I went with a Samsung. Facebook is creepy even in the best of times, but this is unnecessary and draconian.
  • The more I read the less I want one of their units.
  • "Facebook is working on a multi-user solution for Oculus Quest devices" it's so hard to just modify the TOS! they are working really hard guys!
  • Maybe so, but I did not know Facebook had anything to do with Oculus, now I know, I will be staying well clear.
  • Looks like FB has clarified people will not be banned: https://twitter.com/CixLiv/status/1320068735730733056?ref_src=twsrc%5Etf...
  • Just to post that Nick has the perfect :( face, or at least the mouth portion.