Facebook Beta added to Windows 10 Mobile's Share button with latest update

The Facebook Beta app has been updated for Windows 10 Mobile. The new version adds the app to the universal Share picker in Windows 10 Mobile.

For those of you keeping track at home, the new version number for the Facebook Beta app (via Windows Phone on Reddit) is 61.549.60397.0. This addition is a rather big deal for Windows 10 Mobile users as they will likely use the Share button for the app, even in this beta version.

The universal Share picker lets apps connect to the OS allowing the direct sharing of media (photos, videos) as well as other content. While users previously could share photos they had to do so through the menus in the Facebook app. Now, users can just share from their Photo library directly to the service expediting the process. The same feature is expected to come to the new Skype UWP app soon as well.

If you notice anything else new or interesting with this update, please let us know in the comments!

Thanks also to George for the tip!

Download Facebook Beta from the Windows Store

QR: Facebook Beta

John Callaham