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Facebook moves some things around in its latest beta update for Windows 10

The official Facebook Beta app for Windows 10 has just received an update that introduces a number of cosmetic changes. The company has moved a few things around in the UI in a bid to make things slightly more convenient to use. We'll kick off with the change that sees the Messenger entry on the sidebar now deeplinks to the separate Messenger app, just like it would on competing mobile platforms.


Next up are the UI changes. We've noticed Facebook has moved both the Facebook Live and Photo/Video buttons to the top of the news feed and are now available within the "What's new?" box. So now you'll be able to quickly add media and start a live broadcast without having to hunt down these pesky buttons.

Excited by the changes? Sound off your thoughts in the comments, as well as anything you have spotted post-updating that we may have overlooked.

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • I thought is was an update for Mobile?
  • Me too. We want PEOPLE HUB SYNC.
  • ^ This. Also performance improvements for all of facebook, messenger and Instagram. +730
  • ^ This both! We need at least People integration and major performance and optimization improvements. The app still sluggish and slow to use even on PC. Especially how bad the typing performance is. Next would be a better use Action Center with actionable notifications and hopefully taking advantage of Redstone new Action Center while at it. Next would be better Live Tile implementation like the MS Facebook does.
  • Well thats the problem. If they are not bothered adding Windows features like People Hub sync why would they add Actionable notifications, new Action center etc.? If their plan is just plainly to give us copy of iOS app, whats the point of the MS plan wih porting? Honestly its saddening that I cant enjoy all those cool features on all apps and its even discouraging me from getting a new phone. I am just waiting how FB app and Messenger develops and if Viber also gets the Actionable notifications, if so I have no problem buying a new Lumia to enjoy these apps.
  • Facebook used Osmeta to port their ios bridge. It's not an islandwood port.
  • Whats the difference? Please explain for in casual.
  • People Hub Sync, black theme and performance improvement. It takes ages to load on my 930 and scrolling is bad compared to the old Facebook app. Also the app heats my phone when ever I use it, same with Messenger.
  • Its a port from iOS I dont think we will see much performance improvements.
  • I know.. but I can only hope they will eventually build an app done right for the Windows OS.
  • They can actually optimize performance more, and have been. Remember how bad and crashy Instagram was before? They've fixed that. It took ages to load and now it's much better. To an extent, they will be able to optimize performance.
  • After so many years, the best we get is a half-arsed port. If I wanted iOS apps, I'd buy an iPhone. So long, W10M.
  • Still I hope they, they must. The performance is so bad that it actually affects the typing experience of an app, especially that this is a social networking app.
  • I don't think fb is giving us a dark theme anytime soon, as no other OS has this option and they try to keep a similar experience in all platforms including web. Twitter had a dark theme on WP since day one, and they're also implementing it on Android (one of their a/b tests), but fb never did so. We can only hope (and provide feedback, of course).
  • black theme? for facebook? No, not suitable. 
  • Scrolling is bad because that's how ios apps scroll. Facebook needs to change a lot of stuff in there 3 apps.
  • I really doubt iPhone users share this experience.
  • Get over it... It's not coming back
  • Mobile actually already linked to the Messenger app since the previous update (On mobile, didn't try it on PC)
  • + me, also.... OLD NEWS
  • Garbage app
  • How?
  • Because at the current state it is. It`s better to just use the browser than use 2 separate apps that run like crap on the PC.
  • Yes. Using FB on browser is way faster and more convinient that those two apps. Moreover, the inbuilt browser in the FB app doesn't have adblock ;)
  • Edge is crap on my phone so no, I'd rather use the Osmeta apps.
  • This discussion is about PC apps and not mobile.
  • I rather using the apps on my laptop than the website. I get proper notifications, a better UI and I don't need to have a browser opened all the time just to check my feed. The only downside imo would be the ads/suggested pages but I don't mind them at all, and I open the links in my browser so third-party sites are unaffected. :)
  • Cuz it's not made for windows and it works weirdly for it's on this platform.
  • These changes have been in the Beta app for weeks now. The new update probably does something else. This is why updates should have release notes.
  • Did they manage to make the messenger app usable on Lumia 535 or Blu Win HD yet? 
  • It is very fine on my Lumia 535(messenger beta) Only problem is it takes years to open the app
  • The issue lies how badly un-optimized it is. Even on much powerful devices, the app simply feels sluggish especially on typing. Heck even on PC is really slow to use and typing performance is also quite bad.
  • It really need a speed update it takes too long to load.
  • Live video would be nice.
  • I thought the messenger deep linking came two updates ago at least for mobile. Is it okay to use now. Because with last update the app wouldn't even start and crash every time for me.
  • How about being available worldwide, that might be a nice start! Why the hell you wouldn't launch FB worldwide is just bizzare.
  • Probably because its a beta app. It's like a... Semi closed beta. Not everyone will stumble on it in every country, use it without understanding the word "beta" (this isn't implying anything to u, just saying what could happen to others who don't know) and then just complain for absurd reasons. If its country restricted, then that means if people want to try the beta, they likely know the precautions, and so they can if they change their region and search for it. So really they haven't "launched" the new app yet. That's like saying Microsoft are due to launch Redstone 2 in mid-august because... That's when they are going to begin development and insider testing of it :) :p
  • Haven't they already dropped the beta tag from the PC app? Mobile still has beta against it. EDIT: There is a beta and a non-beta version on PC
  • I'm not sure. I don't think so yet(?). But with mobile they definitely have it as beta still
  • UPDATE: I GOT IT!!!! Thanks, y'all! - How do you change your region? I'd really like to have my Beta version back.
  • Wonderful, when are we getting Facebook app to work with the people app
  • Never. Get over it and move on
  • So does the Windows phone user?
  • Yes
  • When its a Universal app, why the difference between desktop and mobile versions?
  • UWP is a set of APIs you can submit completely separate packages for different device families very easily in Dev Center - UWP doesn't always mean the same app running across device families it's just a possibility (and makes sense when the apps are build from the ground up especially)
  • All needed changes use feedback within FB beta and not filling up the forums
  • Agree, they won't read them here
  • Waiting for the app to update on mobile
  • Waiting for the app to update on mobile
  • Interactive notifications, people app integration (with contact sync) and swipe navigation between pages on mobile. That's all I want from this app.
  • Swipe navigation is there from the beginning, the Microsoft one never had it
  • Yeah, the MS app has it. And that's why I use it instead of the Beta, among many other reasons. But I was speaking about the Beta app, because the article was about that :D
  • The People app integration seriously needs to be a priority here, heck its even unfair while iOS and Android (which have more integration) have contact syncing while the new app does not. Interactive notification is indeed missing while MS Facebook app does.
  • I still can't install it on my Icon. Store says unavailable
  • Change your region to either Spain or Germany.
  • That's what I want to know how to do. What happens after you install? You just change your region back? No problems?
  • The mobile version layout is SO bad. Microsoft's looked way better. And people here were begging for an official app. Haha.
  • I totally agree with you!
  • I actually cant stand looking at it. It's cheap looking and the layout is terrible. I hope Microsoft doesn't remove their version haha
  • Too laggy... Hardly use it. Use the browser version.
  • Still can't download it
  • Garbage app, can't save picture direct from the Facebook app to ur phone
  • Works fine for me
  • It shows in store but cant install it (US Region)..thats a bummer..
  • Same here. Wonder why?
  • It can't install in India
  • If you have a laptop then it's better to go on the browser but if you have a tablet, esp smaller than 10-12 inch, apps are more convenient to use. Depends on your personal preferences after all! Good that apps are more frequently updated and it is better to provide more constructive feedback instead of calling it "Garbage' or any other derogatory remarks!!!!
  • Did they move messaging back into the app where it belongs? No? Then I'll use the website instead.
  • Facebook and Messenger are seperate apps on all platforms.
  • Why are they showing a phone when the update is for the PC?
  • i would love to see the messenger bar at mobile too tho!
  • I still use Microsoft's app. Way better than this.
  • No it's not. Dozens of features missing in ms version
  • Still cant install. Install button dont even show up in the store.
  • Hi folks no install button for me any suggestions? I hate Microsofts version!
  • Currently unavailable for download lol
  • Change the region to France or Germany, let it restart your device, go to store and grab the app.Then you can change the region back to your own, future updates for the app Will deliver there after no matter the region
  • Still can't install it. Currently not available :(
  • Hi I need links to find Facebook BETA I can't found it in my store ..Plz
  • Change the region to France or Germany, let it restart your device, go to store and grab the app.Then you can change the region back to your own, future updates for the app Will deliver there after no matter the region
  • It is for windows phone 10 in Cambodia. But I can't download Facebook Beta from windows store. What should I do?
  • I noticed a button for 'colour palettes' in 5th screenshot in facebook mobile app in the store but not available when downloaded
  • When I go to the store. There is no button to install it. Running on a 950xl, on the fast ring. What's up with that?
  • I can't download too, same issue !!
  • great