Facebook Messenger

Messenger, Facebook's messaging platform, is now available as a standalone service on the web. In the past users had to use Facebook's website to message their friends and family, but starting today they can do so without all the extra distractions. Facebook recently held a conference in which they detailed various ways they planned to further tap Messenger as a platform of its own.

The new web address for the Messenger is pretty simple to remember, Messenger.com. When users access this page they will log in with their Facebook credentials and then have access to a list of conversations. Breaking it out this way allows you to message and stay in touch with the people you need, without having distractions of event notifications and various timeline posts.

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Facebook does not have any plans at the current time to remove the messaging capabilities from the main site as they did on mobile. With the focus that Facebook has been putting on Messenger as a platform, the move of this to its own domain is not a huge surprise.

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