Facebook Messenger Windows 10 Mobile app is currently unavailable from Windows Store [Update: It's back]

Update: The Facebook Messenger app is now back in the Windows Store for download. Thanks to everyone for the tips!

The Facebook Messenger app for Windows 10 Mobile is currently not available in the Windows Store. So far, there is no word as to why the app has been removed from circulation.

Facebook Messenger

Ironically, the app received a small update earlier this morning for users who already have Facebook Messenger installed on their smartphone. However, if the app is uninstalled the Windows Store shows that it is not available. There have been reports from some users about touch problems with the app, and it's possible Facebook removed it from the store to fix those issues.

We will post an update when and if we learn more about the Facebook Messenger app's current status.

Thanks to Olivér Aho for the tip!

John Callaham