Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone updated with conversation improvements

A new update for the Windows Phone version of Facebook Messenger has been released, bringing the version number to The main change is some improvements to its conversation features.

Here's what's new in version

  • You can now view details and adjust settings for any conversation. See who's in the conversation and tap to view their Facebook profile. You can also manage notification settings, add people to the conversation and adjust the name or photo of a group.
  • Stickers now load faster and more reliably.

Thanks to everyone for all the tips!

Download Facebook Messenger from the Windows Phone Store (Free)

QR: Facebook Messenger

  • every month or two we get a small update. Why don't they bort this sh*t from IOS. I guess after a month we will get a bug fix update then another month for a sign out option and maybe then another bug fix and some time in the far far future a voice call option 
  • U mean port XD
  • I am not an English native speaker still learning but thanks I appreciate it :) i will check the differnce lol 
  • Hahaha np .!! ;)
  • Haha, I thought he used bort as an abbreviation for abortion. Could of worked in that context to. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • *too
  • They are total stupids , don't blame them for not porting it
  • I stopped using it just because it showed no mercy on the battery. The app doesn't look optimized at all. Good were those days when the chat was inbuilt in the fb app itself.
  • they have to Refresh the UI
  • So true :(
  • The current version is total bort... :)
  • I want already the voice call option :(
  • I don't understand why it will take forever to add voice calling, Facebook on windowsphone and messenger are just scraps. They should either support the platform or abandon it like Instagram, rubbish!
  • Very good choice of words my friend, support the platform or abandon it simple
  • They working on that, today they killed (another time) the social integration!
  • When is trillian making an app?
    I'm sick of wechat, bbm, messaging, messenger, Skype, what'sapp...
    So many things...
    And I have many international friends, so they ask use different crap. Ugh.
    Amazing how few people is this considering all the fb users of the world.
  • Trillian is awesome, used it many years on Windows and on android they had an amazing app too.
    I still use it for IRC on the PC.
    Windows Phone doesnt even have an IRC app that can run in the background. Such crap.:/ will w10 fix this bullshit?
  • Dunno if this IRC clients will work in the bg, but here are some of them: https://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/irc-free/a82de281-34b6-47d8... https://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/foo-irc/a1e04571-8913-4701-...
  • They won't run in background.
  • Still lags like sh***
  • I wish they'd address the performance. It's so slow to open and resume, and half the time when I press a toast notification I have to close the app and re-open it to actually get to the conversation. And this is on a Lumia 930.
  • Mann I thought its a low memory problem. .!! Sad fact :/. Well come soon windows 10 they need to damn port the iOS app to windows phone !!
  • Won t run faster. Just buy an iPhone.
  • In general, windows 10 apps start much faster than windows 8.1 apps. If they do convert it to windows 10 app, it will see alot of improvment in terms of performance. But I am not getting my hopes up for anything soon since windows 10 is not even out of the door. I am guessing early 2016 :)
  • Yeah when conversation updates I have to return to list and go back into conversation
  • +820
    I hate this annoying bug with toast notification and reopening. :[
  • This works awesome on my 810. One of the fastest apps I have. Certainly much better than Skype ugh that app is a joke
  • Yeah, I just don't instead the complaints. FB Messenger is probably the speediest of the messaging apps on Windows Phone. The only thing I really miss is ability to define background by groups... I'm always posting to the wrong group because the group heading disappears when the keyboard is up.
  • This is a joke, right?
  • Nope... it's always worked very well for me.  I have to use GroupMe with some of my family members and that is truly a disaster on Windows Phone (especially when it comes to sending photos).  WhatsApp seems good... but I can't stand the fact that it can only be installed and active on one device at a time.  FB Messenger is definitely my favorite.
  • FB is annoying the c**p out of me. SDK changes that affect tons of apps. A webpage that is filled with posts of people I don't know, adds in my timeline, and add on the side. Why the f**k do I want to see al that? I only keep it for a few contacts abroad, but have wade thorugh tons of nothing to get to the one who matter :-\
  • You need to whisper this into mark zukerbergs ear... He needs to hear this
  • Calling?????????????
  • Chat bubbles NOW!
  • dude, that's limited by Windows Phone's API itself.
  • is this possible on windows 10?
  • Not doable on WP buddy
  • Silly MS with their silly APIs. :/
  • Why cant they? Would it slow the system resources down?
  • There is just no API, bro..without a API there is no way
  • Either you guys on drugs or you don't build software.
  • Then why don't they add the API with windows 10 !! ‎:'(‎
  • Because if we wanted Android crapware we would buy android phones.
  • I'm with him chat bubbles would be awesome
  • Still no voice call...wait transfer it from iOS...if FB wants to.
  • well, another app with version 10 for Windows 10! Good to see that.
  • Its shit bro...
  • It is ... Sadly
  • I hope they exterminate that like finger button that replaces send when there is no message being written
  • Yup. So annoying because I end hitting hit and it can be awkward
  • Done that a few times.
  • +1020 awkward
  • All the friggin' time brah
  • Yeah, I've always wondered why there's a like button in fkn MESSENGER. I never clicked it though, fearing that my messages could show up in the news feed XD
  • Still no voice call
  • And still no fb calls
  • Oh hey, the dogbone logo on my live tile is back to the lightning bolt. Of course, it is even laggier than before, even scrolling the contacts is terribad now. WTH?
  • I guess its a rocket science to add landscape mode.
  • We can start to pray bro
  • Wow wasn't expecting so many complaints lol. But i guess what ppl are bitching about is right
  • Still boycotting Facebook messenger. If it's not in the main app, then it's not on my phone. Ever.
  • You know Facebook messenger is published by Facebook right
  • App is slow...always..still same
  • Off topic: I'm frustrated with official Twitter app; no notifications for past few days. Anyone experiencing the same? I've tried almost everything from reinstalling to moving to phone memory or reinstalling after revoking access via web. Pls suggest something..........
  • Same here, I have to manually check for mentions and DMs.
  • +720
  • Same here... :-\
  • Same happened with Instagram, ended up uninstalling it.
  • PLS make Messenger Like as Whatsapp <3 (i mean by quality)
  • WhatsApp is extremely good , I hope every app is like it (with the latest beta features ! )
    But it needs a redesign now :)
  • Is there any developer that can answer my question? Is it possible to do the bubble thing on Windows phone as well or not?
  • No. And not in WP10 either
  • Why can't they add that? That's such a nice touch!
  • Software limitations, but in w10 they will add the option for response messages on the action bar
  • Do you gave any idea if Win10 will support it (the bubbles)?
  • We really need those bubbles in windows 10 :/
  • Especially now MS themselves support the 'people aren't squares' movement. So bubbles just makes so much sense
  • Buy an android. Bubbles would make no sense on windows start screen. Different OSes different styles.
  • I just wish they would bring the regular FB app up to par with the iDroid app...
    1. Can't make an event from the WPFB app
    2. Stickers❓
    3. The feed is jacked (double post) Repetition
    4.. Gotta be more features missing... IDK.
  • Notifications are broken too
  • Fail..........
  • If you have Messenger installed on you device in iOS or Droid, you can access messages through the original FB app without using the separate app. I hate how on WP, messages give you a notification in the FB, which you then have to go into another app to read.
  • What's really embarrassing is when people finally decide to follow your lead, and give WP a try, then they complain about how crappy the major apps are compared to their old iDroid device... Even saying "I told you about that" still doesn't make it any less embarrassing..
  • I'm seriously considering this platform, I mean what's the point?? Live tiles?? Lets be honest every major app on WP sucks monkey ass, resumes, laggy scrolling, abandoned by developers, not on par with others on the other sides of the river. What's the point of being on FB? Every 2-3 months we get bug fixes while others get new features
  • I've never really had an issue with laggy scrolling, possibly because I've always use high end devices, but the other complaints if yours are quite obvious....
    Sucks, and it doesn't seem as though it will ever get better.... Or, at least not anytime soon.
  • For me scrolling is horrible especially when using the dark theme. Yea you are right, it could be that I use a low end device (l730)
    I have observed that ever since I joined this platform I've become a grumpy old man, I'm 23, I cant go on living like this. Who do I blame, MS? Developers? Or my stupidity for purchasing a wp device?
  • Well, you can blame yourself for using a low end device, as far as the scrolling goes... But, even my 1520 resumes way too long for a SD 820.. It should be much faster...
    On the other hand you can completely blame MS for having low market share, and the app situation... They could've done more these past five years to build hype, and confidence, around WP....
  • You can build all the hype you want... if your OS is broken, you're not going to go very far.
  • Lets not forget that the Os is very limiting for developers which is another contributing factor as to why developers tend to abandon this platform
  • I've always thought that..
  • WP8.1 isn't perfect, but it's nowhere near broken...
    It's perfectly fine for most consumers.. The average consumer does not have anywhere near the expectations that we have... IOW, any opinion you get from people online is not the real world....
    There is no reason devices couldn't be selling at 4 times the rate they are in WP current condition.. Lets not fool ourselves here.. It is MARKETING❗ Not every adult cares about Instagram, FB, Snapchat, and Candy Crush.. I'd dare to say that most don't.. That's billions of potential customers that MS is failing to push their devices on.. Billions around the world..
    Even WP7.0 would be enough smartphone if it had sufficient banking apps.. Millions of people just do not care about 90% of the features WiDroid devices have... IOW, there is no reason why WP market share shouldn't be at 15% by now.... Set your expectations much higher❗ If WP was at a level to please your standards for not broken,, then WP should be #2, and have a chance at overcoming Android...
    The problem is that for years MS has lost its drive to win, and pretty much ignored the competition,,, most likely because of arrogance... Hopefully they have learned their lessons... Apps, and features, haven't been WP's strong point, but they are not the root cause of why WP hasn't been able to sustain a measly 2% market share gain, consistently, year over year... Now, that's sad.... Feature phones don't have half of what WP has to offer, yet at only $50 for a Lumia smartphone they all outsell every Lumia device every day......
    It simply can't be the OS as much as marketing... It can't be.. It just doesn't make any sense.
    And, there's evidence everywhere to this... I mean, if you go to 20 different stores and see feature phones on the shelf, but not one Lumia, then those feature phones are going to sell more.. This is obvious.. MS could "fix" its OS, have every app in the world, make a super high end device, and sell them for free OFF CONTRACT, and people would still pick the feature phone over the Lumia, because it is impossible for them to buy something that isn't there, and that they have no idea exist... It'll never work without awareness, and proper marketing in all areas of marketing.... So, is W10 going to make Lumia's fly off shelves❓❓❓ How could it.............
  • I think the root cause of this is that MS thought WP would be successful and loved as windows to an extent that from the transition from WM 6.5 to WP they crippled WP and made it very limiting to developers and developers ended up losing interest and abandoned WP. Windows is closed source but it does not limit us, on WP you can't develop a wowing innovative app but this is possible on other platforms. No apps = No consumers it's not rocket science, and MS needs to stop bitching around with their APIs or else developers will continue to ignore WP.
    Don't get me started on marketing, these guys were just lazy and pathetic.
    Microsoft the world does not revolve around the US, give the rest of the world features too or else you'll continue to be fighting a losing battle against android and IOS
  • Agree.... Well said❗❗
  • My 930 opens Messenger in a blink of an eye, wondering what's going on with your phone.
  • Thank you Windows Central team for delivering daily news. I appreciate it :)
  • Am i the only one who wants a horizontal keyboard for conversations?
  • Really faster
  • Edit: replied to the wrong comment.
  • No, I've been wanting this from day one. I can't believe that this is not a feature, and I can't believe people do not request this more frequently. Landscape/horizontal view allows for two-handed typing even on a small screen = twice as fast typing.
  • Geez, why are my replies going to the wrong comment...?! Anyway, this is a reply to the guy requesting a horizonal keyboard.
  • I could already add people and change the picture of the group. What a bullshit 'update'.
  • This app is that slow it makes me snails look like Usain Bolt
  • Microsoft has made software for devs to port apps from iOS and Android if adding voice call for facebook messenger and whatsapp is difficult why not just port them over
  • It's not as easy as you think.
    Also, the porting tools are just for basic apps.
  • Define "basic".
  • Just fix the profile pictures... it do not update them, never
  • better baterry? 
  • No 1080p support nor voice calls, this app sucks
  • I want it to load conversations faster!! Oh, and voice calling.
  • Should have just left it on the SMS app. It worked great back then.