Facebook no longer shows Bing search results

Now, when users search Facebook, results from Microsoft's Bing search engine will no longer display alongside results from within the social network. Facebook has confirmed the change as it is revamping its own search to allow users to find content hosted by the social network.

Retuers reported the change, stating:

"We're not currently showing web search results in Facebook Search because we're focused on helping people find what's been shared with them on Facebook," a company spokesperson told Reuters. "We continue to have a great partnership with Microsoft in lots of different areas."

Are you disappointed to see Bing search results disappear from searches within Facebook's site?

Source: Reuters

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  • It is ok to have social network results in a social network. Web results are not that useful.
  • Agreed.
  • Agree!
  • 10-4
  • Yup. Not a loss. I don't think anyone as ever searched for something on Facebook to get web results...
  • What's Facebook?
  • Oh it's nothing.
  • Good to know... I had no idea what the fuck it was, either. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • However Bing still actually powers Facebook Graph Search.
  • and siri and yahoo and cortana!!  
  • 200% agree! Web results are not relevant in social networks.
  • Not more than the app itself on windows phone
  • The app on WP,is now very good. Fast. Reliable. I have no complaints.
  • Yes but it doesn't show Friends activities and alot of other things
  • If you didn't have friends this wouldn't be a problem. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Removing all friends.
  • You first need friends before you can remove them :-)
  • Hhh good one
  • my facebook seems linkedin only showing business posts, no friend.
  • That is the case with us all
  • Never had a problem with friends' posts. Maybe your friends blocked you or something.:)
  • No i'm sure that's not the case
  • "We continue to have a great partnership with Microsoft in lots of different areas."
    Says the company who can't make their own Facebook app, or give us a decent Instagram one.......
    I can understand if the developer community for Instagram is separate from Facebook itself, but if you bought them it only makes sense to have some consistency.
  • Quite frankly, a multitude of big developers should be embarrassed by their pathetic WP apps. The dude who does the "6" series of apps, ONE guy, does a better job than multiple TEAMS of developers.
  • Rudy Huyn
  • it takes money and resources to develop and then maintain and upgrade a high quality app. most companies have decided that it doesnt make business sense to do so for a platform that only has 3% market share.
  • Not true. Look at Rudy.
  • Maybe Rudy has it all figured out.
  • While that's accurate, it points to a greater problem with app development: companies spend way too much on slow moving departments to make apps. I've seen independent devs make absolutely terrific apps on all platforms and in contrast I've seen some really big name companies botch their apps up because they contracted the job out to a department of people. Point is, it wouldn't cost them that much if they had their stuff figured out.
  • @Pulkit10 yes, you are correct.
  • +1520
  • dont forget whatsapp,pathetic coding ,i have a better experience on my Z10 Rudy Huyn should be hired by MS and should revamp ALL poorly made apps in the store and get paid well for it hats off to his efforts on his "6" series of apps
  • They can use that partnership to update instagram
  • Not at all never used the Bing results in facebook
  • Same here. I felt searching the web via Facebook was a step too far in sharing everything I do with them.
  • Cmon facebook, you need Microsoft.   gotta team up against the big bad googly
  • Don't worry about Goggles no more with Goggles breaking up next year! Only down hill for them!
  • What?
  • I've read somewhat recently that the EU is trying to break google up because they've become to much of a monopoly.   I haven't looked into it, so I cant verify how accurate it is (it was jsut soemthing i vaguely saw searching the web) but I think thats what the poster above was talking about. Though... breaking up google wont make them less of a threat :s
  • It must be. They have reached too far in monopoly business.
  • What are you smoking brother? May I have some of that please?
  • It's all over YouTube and the web
  • The stupid EU doesn't have the power to break up an American company.
  • You know that americans companies needs to create legal entities (aka companies) in Europe if they want to make business there? They can't split Google in America, but they can do it in Europe.
  • US based companies create subsidaries in Europe to take advantage of better fiscal regimes. Futhermore the EU proposal is not about Google but about separating Search Engines in general.
  • oh dear God, here we go again .....
  • After reading the comments on WC about google, the users should grab pitchforks and become an angry mob against google. :)
  • I was Reading on the verge s letter that they post of Hollywood studio lawyer, that was leaked after the hacker attack on Sony pictures, about some kind of plan to do something to google because they used to link to pirate websites to download their movies. What I want to say is that Google has enemies out and in house...
  • Sounds just fine. If I wanted global searches, I would start at Bing's homepage, not Facebook's.
  • Retuers should be "Reuters"
  • Heh, didn't even notice that. Good catch.
  • whatever... an on that note, am I the only one who's Microsoft band doesn't receive notifications from the Facebook messenger? it worked like once or twice an never again. just wondering , may the Zucker be with u
  • You're not the only one.
  • well hopefully they fix it, messages works fine tho and is really useful
  • Didn't even know they were there. Facebook is a huge dumpster of irrelevant information, so probably just as well.
  • No shit, man. I had a fb account, made friends with some hicks I went to school with. Saw the weird shit they were involved in/post about...reminded me why I didn't talk to them in school and abruptly shut my account down.
  • More worrisome is Ford dumping Microsoft.
  • The sync was very bad and giving Microsoft a bad name so go ahead drop that piece of bad PR
  • Under the contract agreement Ford was responsible for the front end of experience and that is where they failed massively.  Ford only has themselves to blame.  Quite frankly I am glad, forget the Ford partnership and focus on Windows in the Car (I thought it looked incredibly promising)
  • Is the picture old or did they move the messages icon back to the middle in the BETA version? I want it like that.
  • Unfortunately, it's an old picture.
  • i never knew that. but they could jave gone for images and maps atleast
  • Never used Facebook for searching so no big deal for me.
  • I don't search in Facebook unless it is to add a friend so it won't affect me
  • How did you get the messages tab on the activity and notice tab? O_O
  • It's an old picture, unfortunately
  • Damn! I lt would have made Facebook so much better!
  • "Are you disappointed to see Bing search results disappear from searches within Facebook's site?" No, Next Question.  
  • I don't even know what this means. Why would I do a search on Facebook? Facebook is under the impression that since more searches are done through Facebook that they offer superior search results than Bing or even Google. Facebook search results is more closely related to a wiki search than through an actual search engine. Their logic, if I understand it correctly, is amazingly flawed.
  • Ashame Facebook. You cannot make yr own official app n you cannot update the instagram app and drop the BETA title. Feel proud bcoz having developer like Rudy Huyn in WP OS. Cheers, Rudy!
  • Glad to see the change. If I'm searching Facebook, I'm searching for stuff on Facebook. If I'm searching the web the I use Bing. Never understood why they wanted to show me internet results when I'm doing a Facebook search to begin with.
  • Yeah, please get rid of that annoying feature.
  • When I want to search the net I totally go to facebook.com, lol! Not! If I did it'd be 20 minutes before I did the searching I went for because I'd be doing other things.
  • It's not any of Facebook's business what I do outside of Facebook, ago I'm good with that.
  • And nothing of value was lost. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Yes I'm disappointed that they're not using Bing anymore.
  • It's a decent enough move by Facebook and maybe the only one.
  • If they say they still have a great partnership them why the fck haven't they updated Instagram! Don't they own it now!?
  • Damn, now I can't search for internet things from facebook? My life is over. Oh wait what's this? The address bar in my web browser is a search bar too? So it doesn't matter what page I'm on? I can just type stuff in and it bings it? That can't be.
  • While I don't miss Bing (nor Google or any other) search results in Facebook, I *do* miss the built-in translations in Facebook for desktop powered by Bing/Microsoft Translator. :'(
  • Disappointed? No. I don't use Facebook. But the Facebook quote indicates its not just Bing. But its obvious doublespeak, eliminating search results doesn't help members find what's shared on Facebook. It prevents them from finfing things that aren't shared on Facebook.