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Facebook now lets you choose what happens to your account after you die

Facebook has introduced a new feature today that allows users to select a legacy contact, who will be able to manage their account after they pass away. Once Facebook has been notified of a user passing away, the social network will 'memorialize' the account and enable access to the legacy contact who can manage the profile.

Once everything is configured, this contact will be able to announce a memorial service (or share a personal message) on the top of the Timeline, respond to new friend requests, update profile and cover photos, and even download an archive of photos, posts and profile information that person shared on Facebook. Note that personal messages will be off limits and the legacy contact is unable to log in as the deceased.

The legacy contacts feature is currently rolling out in the US to begin with and Facebook will expand the rollout to more countries over time. If you'd rather not have someone access your profile once you've passed away, you can simply have Facebook delete your account altogether.

Source: Facebook

Rich Edmonds
Rich Edmonds

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Hey I really didn't understand this concept yet
  • Ashwin Sathish is with Aman at Heaven Doors
    **Map Of Heaven**
  • I'm immortal. LOL!
  • I died
  • Just say RIP April Myers.
  • I WILL NEVER DIE #FailFacebook
  • Who tells em we're dead..?
  • Nobody tells them. But you are not going to share your password with anyone right ? If something happens to you, your legacy contact will have the ability to access your account. Simple as that.
  • Yes and if we're not real dead you know..And someone uses our account for wrong means using wrong purposes then..?
  • You know. If your "trustful" person do that ... you should re-think about that.
  • I get your point to but there are a lot of ifs and buts in this thing..!!
  • in your case, can you TRUST your trusted person, aman2901? if you got doubts, you need better trustful people in your life
  • And if someone lives alone..? (I got trusted folks though..)
  • That's why they limited the access for declaring memorial and personnel message only on the timeline, hence limiting misuse, only if "...everything is configured"
  • They can detect from comment I think.. Rip
  • Now that's a great feature implementation. Will help the families later if they have to find some more information about their loved ones conversations.
  • What do ye want in those conversations..? Bank Account numbers..? Secret Accounts..? Treasure Trove..? :P jk
  • Bhagwaan naa kare Kisi ke saath aisa ho .god help us
  • Aissa sabke sath hota hai aur bhagwan he karata hai..
  • Satya hai bhai...
  • Haan haan..Hame pata hai ki Satya Nadella hai..!!
  • Haha. Satya vachan ;)
  • When in India
  • Are you in hurry....?
  • Nobody knows when somebody is going to die...
  • When I'm gone so is my Facebook account.
  • Finally. Now i can assure that nobody sees the drunk pics of me from the last Christmas Party when I'm dead.
  • It'll let St. Peter update your status before judgement.
  • Good lord.
  • You know what they say, the morbid the merrier.
  • Its kinda weird to me.
  • Take your account in heaven wow
  • An great example of a feature with good intentions and good implementation. Well done, Facebook.
  • But what if the legacy contact dies with the person at the same time? 
  • He has a point.
  • Yeah. Because things like car crashes are purely imaginative scenarios. They NEVER happen.
  • -_-
  • This!!!!
  • Hahahahhahahahahahahaha xD you should contact to facebook support for this XD
  • Haunt FB's office... Lol
  • Haunt......! Lol
  • Should be some kind of digital cemetery on facebook that blocks all the pictures, conversations, likes, and new messages to the defunct. Now the problem is how FB will know that one of their users is dead...
  • His DP getting comments like RIP
  • Not even "at the same time". What happens when your legacy contact dies, in general? Does his or her legacy contact then become the legacy contact for both of your accounts, or is it a one-shot deal where, when your legacy contact dies, your FB account is done. You should be able to list multiple legacy contacts.
  • Lol, I was about to post something similar. So what happens if there is a natural disaster? Facebook have opened up another can of worms lol. To many "ifs" and "buts", pretty soon the whole system would become really really intrusive and a mess.
  • IIIIIIIIII really don't know about this one? Face book becoming to evolved in our personal lives. This is too far pass social media but just my opinion
  • People die everyday. This was needed long ago.
  • We need a option that will block what everyone likes... I mean accessible from the app.
  • And most of the times families will find the pathetic things what their sons or daughters have been doing.
  • Hmm death
  • BTW fuck Mark Zukerberg, instagram app hasn't been updated since a year!!
  • Can't get find him..Otherwise would have fucked him..
  • But they update the iOS and android app on regular basis..Seriously Fuck Zuckerberg
  • Because we have 6tag so they think it's not necessary to update their shitty official app, maybe?
  • Official is shitty maybe in windows phone but not on other platforms..It is way better than 6tag..
  • FB just got a lot more macabre. -_-
  • this must be other way...what happens to your account when facebook dies 
  • What do you mean "after I die"? Don't be ridiculous. Pff. Such a mortal thing to say.
  • We will all be dead by the time this features in our Beta app :P
  • Rolf..!!
  • True that is
  • I live in the world.., where social media profiles are most cared instead of their dead body
  • Ehm. Creepy..
  • @Daniel , @Mark , @Abhishek Baxi , @Jay Bannet , @Harish @Rich Edmond...... What will happen to my WPC passport service when I DIE.....?
  • Simple, you take it to wherever you end up :P jk.
  • That's so nice of Facebook...
  • obviously, I set it to delete when I die, because Facebook will still be a thing in 50 years ... right?
  • So what happens when Facebook decides that setting is "not so useful" anymore :p lol.
  • OK but why is Richard logged in on Vanessa's Facebook account, and did you get permission to post on page on WC?!
  • Finally someone thought of this.
  • In the wise words of someone else, "why should I go to someone's funeral if they aren't gonna go to mine. "
  • And with that comes this: "Sure, he finally agreed to list you as 'in a relationship', but he still hasn't listed you as his legacy contact, so clearly he isn't committed to you."
  • Lmao! True true.
  • someone dies...who gives a FU*K about a damn facebook account?????omg he died...quickly go put it on his facebook page!!!WTF is wrong with you????
  • How very morbid...
  • yeah give control over what happens to your account when you die but can't have full control over your account when you're alive, give me a break
  • I wonder how many facebook related 187's would occur after this goes live....
  • Hmmmm
  • #RIP
  • What if a person returns after death? Will the legacy contact still have access to the person's account? Ghosts... Halloween isn't far away if you want to...
  • Can't wait to be a legacy contact, because this has the makings of the best April Fools Day joke EVER! Do not feed the trolls.
  • Even if i die my Facebook account will go on!
  • I got rid of Facebook, yay!!!!!!