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Facebook app for Windows 10 Mobile out of beta and now officially released

After a few weeks of beta testing Windows 10 Mobile users can now download a version of the official Facebook app that's been made specifically for that operating system. Windows Phone 8.1 users can also get an update for the Facebook app as well.

For Windows 10 Mobile phones, the version number is 10.1, while Windows Phone 8.1 users still have the old version number of There are no new published change logs with this updated app so if you notice anything major, please let us know in the comments and we will update this post.

Facebook Windows 10 Mobile

For those on the Facebook Beta for Windows 10 Mobile, technically this official version is newer. However, the beta is likely to continue to get updates and features ahead of the public version. As such, it is your choice if you want stable and public or a more cutting-edge experience with the beta program (you can also just install and use both).

Thanks to Jeffrey for the tip!

Download Facebook for Windows Phone/Windows 10 Mobile

QR: Facebook

  • Wow
  • Now I just need Twitter please.
  • Nah, Just get Aeries better than Twitter on the PC/phone....or web site by far...
  • or Tweetium :) Works a charm on my L930 and SP3 :)
  • Tweetium >>>>
  • Nope. Token based apps will expire eventually. None are as good as the real client in terms of consolidated notifications anyway
  • 5th reboot......
  • Appreciate the efforts but useless... It still redirect you to mobile website for necessary.
    They just made it look universal for windows Phone 10. Nothing Great! Please make this Totally independent from browser then I'll again appreciate.
  • Doesn't look to follow the windows 10 design language. Looks almost same as the windows phone 8.1 version.
  • The old one has become dysfunctional now and cannot be uninstalled. Also cannot sync contacts.
  • same problem here
  • Will people on fb beta wp 8.1 get it?
  • nope you have to uninstall the Facebook (beta) and install the one from Microsoft named Facebook
  • thanks :) I was wondering why I couldn't get it to work.
  • I still get the same old app with the 2.6 star rating (which is probably too optimistic)
  • they are still missing features like: -Reply to comments -cant take pictures within the app -cant add links to status -"add activity" option is missing -watching a video dosent show related videos -No browser support within the app
  • I just noticed that I got a notification for a friends activity (this was running with some Nike app that sends notifications) and when I clicked on it in the W10M notifications it opened it on the website in Edge, not the app - in the Desktop mode no less, since currently Edge can't display the rich mobile site.
    This app is just as pathetic as the old one. This is seriously what will be available for the most popular app in the world on the new flagship phones from Microsoft? Un-freaking-believable.
  • Yeah. Edge on phone has serious issues with displaying mobile sides.... Really want internet explorer back. Screw universal apps on this one
  • It really is a shame, and a slap in the face for the users!!
    Every time new and "improved" fb app comes i install it, see it's stil just the piece of stu..d, unusable s..t that it was before, and delete it again!!
    Luckily, i've seen this thread so I won't even install this one!! Is it so hard to make an app that doesn't NEED to use web browser for anything usable?? It's EASIER and FASTER to use browser from the start, you can even READ and RESPOND to the MESSAGES, and not be forced to use ANOTHER app just for messages. That way i only use ONE app-EDGE browser, and not THREE apps. Luckily, we can pin ANY web page right to our desktop/start screen!! :-)
  • This is still by Microsoft. Wonder when actual Facebook app will come
  • Facebook is only valued about 300 or so billion. They don't have the money to waste on Microsoft platform apps.
  • They are making one. Currently there's a closed beta of the desktop one. It's an ios port using islandwood.
  • Wasn't there just an article saying it wasn't a port and it was only (temporarily) sharing the icons? Posted via the Note 4/Nexus 7 (2013)/Lumia 1020/Lumia 2520
  • nobody knows anything about it
  • It's the real thing on the desktop, Facebook said it themselves.. They said that it will be out "soon"
  • Friend of mine was lucky to get the beta, and it's really good. Hope this comes not only to desktop but also to mobile.
  • This is not the win10 app by fb. Still say made by microsoft corporation.
  • Can anybody tell me about the performance of this app on Windows Mobile 10?
  • Its pretty superb with slight delay on opening seperate posts. 
  • Thank You.
  • It's fine but it's slow at opening...
  • Seems faster.
  • Works great for me. Lots of negative comments but it's no different to Beta.
  • For me it crashes quite often. I'm on Lumia 635. The overall feeling of the app even on a lower spec device is that its faster, the crashing part is annoying... Maybe its like this on lower spec phones though
  • When I had FB many moons ago the app for WP was horrendous. Hopefully its up to par with ios and android counterparts
  • nope. still isn't. probably won't be for a long time to come.
  • Maybe the new upcoming hardware will help...
  • From what I understand, Microsoft doesn't make the FB apps for iPhones and iClones, only for the problem lies with them being made by 2 COMPLETELY separate companies. Ya dig? ;p
  • Yeah, fb should step up and take over. They're too lazy I guess.
  • It's an app from Facebook look it up.
  • Should be....didn't they announce that "partnership" at the press announcing all the new devices?
  • Yes, they did and this is the actual Facebook app.
  • It is not. This app is from Microsoft.
  • I want the html5 integration back.
  • Well this is the same old stupid app in different dress
  • Not really
  • Ehm.. Not really? How isn't it? It's still miles behind the ios and android app.
  • Imho, its a big step from the Windows 8.1 app but it still has some ways to go. 
  • How exactly? What does this one do that the 8.1 app does not? I'll give you a hint; one word, begins with N, ends with othing. Or am I missing something?
  • Well, it doesn't send me to the mobile site when I click on notifications. So that's one thing but more like a bug fix than feature.
  • Sends me to the Desktop site.
  • Yes, it is. Just the same app with a new Interface. Not good enough.
  • Sounds like lipstick on a Pig. 
  • They did add some new features so it isn't exactly the same.they added actionable notifications from the action center for events you are invited to, continuum support, better contact/calendar syncing with force sync, and updated push notification. Not a huge amount of new features but it isn't exactly the same app.
  • Nice! It doesn't sync friends with the phone, though.
  • That's the first thing it asks to do after logging in.
  • It syncs People app with the Facebook app. What do you mean?
  • FB removed that feature but it does with poeple.
  • Go in to settings then tap "Connect Facebook with Windows"
  • Out of topic :
    " WINDOWS DEVICE RECOVERY TOOL " also got update today..
  • Out of topic: I like turtles.
  • Yeah came to tip you guys. Hehe
  • Yeah
  • wp 8.1 got this too ?
  • You didn't even take the time to read the title properly. 
  • I read man... but i don't have 8.1 anymore, but my friends have, my question hurts you ?
  • Taken from the article you totally read:
    "For Windows 10 Mobile phones, the version number is 10.1, while Windows Phone 8.1 users still have the old version number of​"
  • Don't know why people are downvoting Corvodin's comment as he's absolutely correct. FernandoDB comes into an article with the title saying "Facebook Windows 10 Mobile Released" and asks about it being available on Windows 8.1...
  • Windows 10 can't be as good as 8.1 ever
  • And 8.1 can't be as good as 7 either.
  • And 7 can't be as good as 6 either... 9 was the best though. /endSarcasm
  • Elegant fast functional people hub. Those were the times.
  • Yeah. And nothing is as good as Windows 95.
  • 95 come on it's all about 3.1
  • Such comment much wow
  • 3.11 windows for workgroups was the best ever!  Time to run some coax cables around the office.......  
  • Throw me a t connector and I'm in.. BUT what about NT?
  • It's all about NT 4.0. The rest isn't good enough.
  • Don't forget 3.1
  • Windows 95 Rocks ! :)   (it did for it's day)
  • That beeper though. Beats everything.
  • Already is and it isn;t even released yet.
  • Windows 1.1 is same as Windows phones 10 :p
  • Psssss DOS FTW
  • Good improvements over the last official version, but still lacks lots of features.
  • not an avid facebook user, what features are missing?
  • Reply to comments and automatic video playing I think
  • Keep getting it can't refresh after update. but exactly same app. But with windows 10 fonts, and menu's.
  • Lol! Lazy ass developers.
  • Hey, they made efforts to change the version number from 10.0 to 10.1 and also removed the "Beta" word too.... :P
  • It looks a lot closer to the iOS app now (Or closer to the version I last saw on my wife's phone). The hamburger menu on the right throws me off, so used to it being on the left
  • So technically Facebook won't be releasing the mobile app only pc UWP
  • Ok cool...what about windows 10 mobile RTM? Will we get it before christmas? -.-"
  • Hopefully this week since 950 comes out on the 20th
  • Is it thanksgiving yet? I haven't even heard the bird...chill, lol ;p
  • Not necessarily, unless you join the Windows Insider Program, in which case yes. - It would seem unlikely it'll go out to ALL existing phones quickly. Once you have Windows 10 Mobile on the device you can opt out of future insider builds. I'm sure when the "RTM" happens Windows Central will do a nice article showing how you can get it right away and then stay on the mainstream consumer release schedule (I hope they do anyway, it will be the quickest way for anybody who wants W10M on an existing device to get it)
  • Anyone having trouble with syncing contacts in this version? Also can't open posts to groups. And now I can't revert to the old one, dammit...
  • Yes me too.
  • Awesome. Can you reply to a thread with this app now?
  • Nope, you can still only like a reply. 
  • Then why all that excitment?
  • Because it is fast, it looks great, it has a lot of bugfixes. That's why, it is a good remake of the old one, now let's hope they add the few missing features, I only miss reply to comments and I'm fine.
  • seems faster..
  • Still excessive spam from the FB team (do you know xxx? and similar), or has this been "solved"?
  • At least its not coming up in a foreign language...a while back all my notifications and email messages were coming through in German! rofl =p
  • Hahaha. They released that version... Ffs I had my hopes up for that app. Knew I should not have bothered!
  • The biggest update. Change the version number and portable with windows 10 with minor tweaks. Thats it Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • After upgrading on Windows 10, now I have two facebook apps on the apps list, while I can access the last version, the "first and old" facebook app is still in there as a second app and I can't uninstall it.
  • One thing of note, it supports continuum. Reduce the DPI scaling on your device and you will notice the UI changes to accommodate the greater screen real estate.
  • So that means using 950 this app will turn into a PC version on a bigger screen?
  • So... There is still a "real" UWP app in the works right? Like, this isn't the app Microsoft talked about back in October?
  • Facebook could very well build their own app soon...and stop letting MS take all the heat. I think Mark is just too laid back lol =p
  • Fonts are too small. Otherwise seems to work well.
  • Still slow at loading comments even when there are no comments but it's a step in the right direction now bring the new Messenger, instagram, wwe network and windows central apps
  • I hope they fixed the horrible timeline
  • It IS still facebook =[
  • So yeah, same crappy timeline issue as it was in the beta - mine goes from 21mins ago to 4hrs ago. At least it looks pretty...
  • You saved me asking a question. I have W10M 10581 and I tried the Beta app, but the 'Most Recent' newsfeed would show only 7 new most recent stories, then the next one would be hours prior. I know there had been more new posts than was shown though (as I compared the news feed in Beta app with Facebook website on my laptop). I reported via the in-app feedback, but obviously they haven't fixed it. I'll stick with the version I already have, until this issue is resolved.
  • This time ppl can't complain about long waits
    App released before the OS
  • Can you reply to comments? That is the big difference I see in Facebook app. I have to use the web app to reply to comments.
  • Nope.
  • Well that sucks, then. Looks like it is still way behind! I guess Microsoft is still developing it, not Facebook.
  • It's been super buggy for me..hope this addresses most of the issues
  • Well, the live tile won't update now and the contacts won't sync
  • the old fb app sticks in the list of apps, does not work, and cannot be uninstalled
  • WTF? I want ONE UNIVERSAL APP for Mobile and PC from Facebook, not Microsoft.
  • This doesn't look like the iOS port... :/
  • If this ends up being the app they spoke about in October then talk about false promises.
  • Another junk, half baked app.
    Typical windows app. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • What about the Beta of Windows 10 desktop Facebook app??
    Still waitin' the release...
  • Something I thought would never happen...OMG. So far better than the Non-beta version that has been up, but, need to fully beat on it for a few days to know for sure...
  • So.. now we have 5 versions of facebook? (WP8/W8/W10 beta/W10M beta/ W10M)
  • Doesn't show facebook banner on live tile. Or does it ???
  • I hope they'll update the app to better fit the Windows 10 Mobi design language a bit.
  • #like
  • I hate that the store has beta apps and production apps. I wish there was a switch in-app like Windows 10 Insider builds. It's a pain to switch between the two, especially with two factor authentication!
  • How can it be the official Facebook app, when you go to install it it says Facebook Microsoft corporation?
  • Since Facebooks mobile site stopped working in Edge on my phone, I really want this app to come out...
  • facebook mobile is not working on edge, facebook beta didnt pick up links in-app for the most part (videos work in-app though...), now the regular facebook app does the same... I got NO choice but to look for other FB apps from other devs in the store... this is just sad...
  • also, pinning groups to the start screen is useless because it just opens the regular news feed, not the group's feed...
  • Yep, FB on WP is a mess right now. They need to fix this, now.
  • Good app few bugs but inline videos are great.
  • Is this the recompiled iOS app thats been rumoured?
  • no, it's really just a tarted up version of the 8.1 version
  • Seriously! How is that possible?
  • Still cant view links but can see videos within the app. What's worse though, still can't view and respond to threaded comments which makes the app worthless for meaningful interaction beyond viewing the basic news feed. Come on, Microsoft.
  • When in India?
  • But it's still a MS published app. I'm waiting for the real UWP, published by FB. I suppose we'll see that when the PC version is available.
  • Fb messenger, you are next.
  • uh oh... I was using the Beta for events and contacts sync and the old regular app for everything else because the beta was totally failing at showing comments when accessed through the notifications... hope it now works better! :/
  • Interestingly enough if you go over too the Facebook for android. And read the reviews for that people are still complaining and saying that's rubbish! I guess we'll get a clearer picture if their is still a new app to come. When they release the pc version.
  • I imagine/hope this is just a temporary app to ensure W10M users have a Facebook app to use until the full UWA is finished
  • This app are really shame! Do MS really think that these shitty apps are enough for people to switch from ios or android?
  • Facebook is a multi billion dollar corporation. You really can't blame Microsoft for not delivering the best Facebook app for windows when it isn't even owned by Microsoft. They just created a basic app for Facebook so you can at least get on there for basic daily usage. If you want to be upset that Facebook doesn't have an awesome app for windows maybe you should direct that to Facebook itself. They can definitely afford to put out something amazing for windows pc and mobile. Don't see the point in getting mad at Microsoft for not making something that Facebook should of made long ago.
  • So much better that old app.
  • How do I find this in the store?  I just see the old app which I already have installed on my W10M device. Anyone got a direct store link to it? Thanks. Ian
  • Not quite sure how we, WP8.1 users, can get this update. I went to the store and I didn't see my "view" button changing to "update" on FB's app page. I'm not getting this. I do have the latest version for WP8.1. Does this mean that if somebody on 8.1 didn't update to will get the with W10M version interface or what?
  • It's for windows 10 (when it actually releases, it did not release today) once it does you'll have to upgrade to Windows 10 mobile when you can to get it.
  • Same with me, M too on 8.1, and store didn't show me update, however the app last update date is 18/11/15
  • now where is my instagram app
  • The beta is better
  • Still crappy app
  • Does this update enable you to reply to people directly? That's mostly the only feature I look forward to.
  • This update doesn't exist. But in the beta, no it did not.
  • my windows 10 mobile store keep give me the 8.1 version
  • Me too, no update and the version is I'm on windows 10 mobile build 10581
  • Hello   I am Using windows 10 phone TP 581 :/ But can't download the new version . I've uninstalled old FB version then  download from store but not change  It has  version  ..   
  • Same here
  • Same problem. Just installed the new build and I'm unable to get the new FB App :-/
  • me too.....
  • I didn't got any update for Facebook but got for other apps