As Factorio for PC nears v1.0, take a look at these awesome creations

Factorio is a game you likely never thought you'd buy and play, but it can quickly overtake your life for one very simple reason: it's super-addictive. The premise is to set up and manage a factory, processing raw material into products for components, engines, weaponry and all manner of objects. The end goal is to create and launch a rocket to escape the planet you crash-landed on. It has been in development for some time but as it nears version 1.0 and the exit from Early Access, I wanted to take another look at this insane game.

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As pointed out in a recent blog post, the developer plans to increase the price on April 16 from $20 to $30, reflecting the progress that has been made on perfecting the experience and adding a bunch of new features. If you're on the fence about making a purchase (believe me, I was too) there is a demo available that introduces you to the campaign. But the free mode is where all the fun is to be had — and multiplayer if you have a few friends who also own a copy.

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There's just so much to do. You start with nothing but a few tools. You need to set up power generation, and then immediately automate the process of refining metals because it's tedious. Then you need to automate the process of creating other products because that because tedious. Everything is tedious, but there's a way of automating it or at least making your life a little easier. Then there are the aliens who wish to kill you for polluting their world.

Insane creations


But don't take my word for just how amazingly in-depth this game can get. There are experts within the community who have poured thousands of hours into perfecting various formula and processes, and not to mention all the hilarious creations that have formed.

Here's a version of a popular Christmas lights video.

This one needs no introduction. Oh. My. God. This is awesome.

Trains can really do ballet. Did you know that? I didn't either.

Undertale is an awesome game.

Pac-Man in Factorio, because ... why not?

Your creations

What have you done in Factorio since it hit Early Access? I'm intrigued to hear some sad, happy and unbelievable stories about what you managed to get up to.

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