Factory ROM (7004) available for Samsung Focus

PavelX1, a registered user over at the XDA Developers Forum, has provided links to uploaded Samsung Focus ROMs. Two firmwares are available, one for AT&T (plus a 4K (opens in new tab) option) and the other for Rogers (opens in new tab), both able to return the device to 7004.

This could prove useful for folk who need to return to factory status with losing a pre-Mango backup, reverting Chevron unlocking, etc. To load the firmware onto your device, one will have to enter download mode. This can be achieved by holding the power, volume up and camera keys while the device is powered down and hold until you see the yellow exclamation mark.

Usual boring disclamer stuff: WPCentral doesn't take any reposnibility for your device becoming unusable (bricked) or if it explodes in your pocket after flashing.

Source: XDA Developers Forum (opens in new tab), via: @Dauvx (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • What is the 4K option mean?
  • 4k is for the focus hardware revision 1.4
  • Although I don't need it you'll never know.Downloading a copy right now.
  • With this ROM will you have your phone unlocked?
  • hey rom link is broken.. it only takes you to an iLivid ad, please update download link!