Fall Guys Season 2: Tips, tricks, and how to qualify and win!

Fall Guys Season
Fall Guys Season (Image credit: Digital Devolver)

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is back with a brand-new season! The very goofy and very squishy jellybeans of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout have charmed (and horrified) gamers since the game's release in August 2020. Season 2 has added a few new mini-games to the mix, and developer Mediatronic promises more to come, possibly in a mid-season update.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is deceptively simple, but the chase for the crown gets very cutthroat as the number of contestants starts to dwindle. To stay ahead of the competition, here are some useful tips and tricks that'll help you earn the crown in Season 2 of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

Learn to adapt

Fall Guys Egg Siege

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First and foremost, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a party game. Ultimately, that means no matter how good you are, there's always a random element of chance hanging over your head. You may be able to plan the perfect run, but you should always expect those plans to be ruined by another player being flung across the map, or a player who is waiting to grab players as they jump across a gap. Learning to improvise on the fly is incredibly important to making it to the finish line.

Take the road less traveled

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Door Dash

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There are a few minigames where traveling together will often lead to victory, but in most cases, a group of players always leads to bad news. Whether they're toppling a seesaw or blocking the gateway, getting stuck in a crowd could hinder your progress and bring your momentum to a full stop. Watch out for grabby players in particular, who will latch onto you like a leech to slow you down. Look for a way around whenever possible.

It's physics, duh

Fall Guys Knight Fever

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Part of the fun of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is how the Fall Guys bounce and tumble off of obstacles and each other. Certain obstacles like the seesaws, in particular, move back and forth depending on the weight. When one side starts to tip over, keep your cool and walk up the steep incline. If you jump or dive, you'll send your Fall Guy straight into the great abyss. This applies to any steep slope in the game.

Work smarter, not harder

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Jump Club

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It's tempting to press forward and make a beeline straight to the goal, but sometimes it's in your best interest to take your time and wait for others to crash ahead. Some minigames, like Tip Toe, are mostly a trial and error affair. Waiting for your opponents to map out the majority of the path will save you time and a headache.

It also helps to wait to time your jumps between obstacles. There are many swinging and spinning pillars to dodge in this crazy competition, so why not just time your jumps instead of risking it all to get bonked across the map. The difference between reaching the goal or colliding with Thicc Bonkus or Big Yeetus is only a matter of seconds.

Tips and Tricks for Fall Guys Season 2

These are just some tips and tricks to help you navigate the many obstacles of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Since the round order is always different every game, it's impossible to plan out a path ahead of time. Getting comfortable with all the minigames, both old and new, will help keep you at your best. With enough practice, you'll be diving for the crown in no time.

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