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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout pits you against 59 other contestants in a massively multiplayer competition that's similar to game shows like Wipeout. Players must race, survive, and sometimes team up with their opponents to advance through the courses and score the coveted game-winning crown at the end. The current 25 mini-games are sorted into 4 different categories: Race, Survival, Team, and the Final.

The earliest Olympic Games involved well-trained warriors competing in a variety of events. In Fall Guys, there's none of that. It's up to you to learn and adapt to the randomly picked courses that kick off every game. So to help you mentally and physically prepare for the obstacles at hand, we've compiled a list of all of the mini-games currently in rotation.


What better way to start your journey to victory than a foot race? There are currently nine races available that will challenge your platforming skills, timing, and sometimes your patience. Here's a recap of what's available.

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NameDescriptionGameplay Image
Dizzy HeightsSpinning plates, rolling balls, spinning plates, and...more rolling balls stand in the way of you and sweet, sweet victory. Learn to time your jumps and ride the plates in the right direction.Row 0 - Cell 2
Hit ParadeUnlike other courses that are centered around a theme, Hit Parade just throws everything and the kitchen sink at you. Slime? Rotating propellers? Swinging balls of doom? This course has got it all.Row 1 - Cell 2
See SawThe key to victory is to temporarily team up with your fellow Fall Guys to keep balance as you hop between the shifting platforms.Row 2 - Cell 2
Door DashUse your face and try to find the right wall to crash into to progress to the finish line.Row 3 - Cell 2
Gate CrashSimilar to Door Dash, instead of crashing through walls, you're vaulting over them. Time your jumps to get over in one fell swoop.Row 4 - Cell 2
Tip ToeAristotle once said, "Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet," and I think about this every time I encounter Tip Toe in rotation. Work as a team to find the safest route through trial and error, and then betray your friends in a final jump to the finish.Row 5 - Cell 2
The WhirlygigIf jumping between floating platforms, dodging spinning logs, and sliding between rotating fans isn't enough, add some extra adrenaline by making the final decision to take the middle launch ramp to the finish line (or play yourself by accidentally yeeting into the abyss).Row 6 - Cell 2
Slime ClimbThis one acts as both a race and a survival course. Outrun the rising slime and outmaneuver your teammates as you climb to the top. Be careful, one false jump, and your dreams of qualification are done.Row 7 - Cell 2
Fruit ChuteRun up a conveyor belt and avoid being humbled by giant flying fruit.Row 8 - Cell 2


There's no room for error when a survival course is on your plate. The stakes are high, but remember — you don't have to be the best; you just have to be better than the guy next to you.

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NameDescriptionGameplay Image
Jump ClubTime your jumps and find the sweet spots between the two rotating beams. Watch out for meddlesome contestants. A well-timed grab might spell the end for your Fall Guy.Row 0 - Cell 2
Roll OutRoll Out puts you on a set of rotating rings and has you bob and weave between them to avoid gaps and walls. Jumping around and running will put you in harm's way, but the real danger lies in standing too close to other Fall Guys. Stay limber!Row 1 - Cell 2
Block PartyLike Roll Out, Block Party is all about avoiding walls and maintaining your balance. Keep your cool, watch out for grabby Fall Guys, and don't fall off the platform!Row 2 - Cell 2
Perfect MatchPut your gray matter to work and memorize the fruits on the floor panels, then run to the panel that matches the fruit shown on the screen. When in doubt, follow the crowd. They all can't be wrong, right?Row 3 - Cell 2
Tail TagTo win this game, you must end the round with a tail. Be sure to snatch a tail off of one of the Fall Guys, unless you started with one. In that case, run for your life!Row 4 - Cell 2


Sometimes you have to put your differences aside to team up and vanquish a greater evil. Or, in this case, qualify for the next round in the competition. The following courses break opponents up into teams.

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NameDescriptionGameplay Image
Egg ScrambleCollect the eggs from the middle of the arena and place them in your team's basket. Once the eggs are all accounted for, try to steal eggs from other teams! The team with the least eggs loses. Be on the lookout for golden eggs — they are worth 5 points.Row 0 - Cell 2
Rock 'N' RollTeams must work together to roll their ball through an obstacle course. The first half of the course keeps the teams separate, but once both teams are out in the open — anything goes.Row 1 - Cell 2
Fall BallFall Ball is like soccer if the soccer ball was three times your size (and sometimes isn't a soccer ball at all). Score on the other team and make sure they don't score on you to qualify for the next round. You'll quickly find this is sometimes easier said than done.Row 2 - Cell 2
Team Tail TagRemember Tail Tag? This is Team Tail Tag. The rules are basically the same — the team with the fewest furry behinds loses.Row 3 - Cell 2
JinxedJinxed is a toxic game of tag. Players must either try and jynx other players by grabbing them or avoid getting jinxed entirely. The first team to get completely jinxed loses.Row 4 - Cell 2
Hoopsie DaisyPlayers have to jump and dive through hoops for points. The team with the most points wins. Simple enough.Row 5 - Cell 2
HoardersKeep the ball in your court and yours alone. The team with the fewest points loses, so make sure your ball doesn't accidentally roll into someone else's area at the last second.Row 6 - Cell 2


You've run, you've survived, and you've even teamed up with your fellow Fall Guys. And where did it bring you? To the finals, baby! The following courses don't end with a finish line; they end with the crown. So don't mess up!

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NameDescriptionGameplay Image
Fall MountainFall Mountain feels like a culmination of everything race up to this point. There are so many obstacles in this sprint up to the top, and once you make it to the top, the crown is a leap away. Just remember to grab the crown. Otherwise, everyone will laugh and you will lose.Row 0 - Cell 2
Hex-A-GoneHop between disappearing tiles as you try to stay as high as you can on this course. This is a survival game, so stay cool and jump like your dub depends on it. The last Fall Guy standing claims the crown.Row 1 - Cell 2
Royal FumbleJust when you thought you were done with all of these TAILS. Grab the tail and make sure you're wearing it when the timer goes off to win the crown.Row 2 - Cell 2
Jump ShowdownThe latest addition to the course lineup added via an update. You must jump over the spinning beams and avoid the falling floor to claim victory!Row 3 - Cell 2

The hits keep coming

To qualify is all that matters in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Whether you're celebrating the triumph of a dub or gearing up for a salty runback after an embarrassing elimination, you'll have to prepare accordingly. Be sure to check out our growing list of legendary cosmetics to keep up appearances with your friends.

We'll be updating this list as the game continues to grow in popularity, so check back often for information on any new mini-games that might be added.

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