A fan is attempting to make a Halo: Reach VR mod on PC

Halo: Reach.
Halo: Reach. (Image credit: Microsoft)

With the arrival of Halo: Reach on PC, the modding community has begun to see what magic they can make happen. There are already many cool projects available out there, such as a campaign overhaul and a mock-up of Halo 5's Warzone mode, but there's one mod being worked on that would truly be groundbreaking were it to succeed: A Halo VR mod. Here's what you need to know about it, as well as the person who's making it.

What is ReclaimerVR?

ReclaimerVR is what community member Nibre is dubbing their work-in-progress Halo: Reach VR mod, which aims to bring the franchise into the VR space for the first time in history. Utilizing the anti-cheat disabled mode that 343 Industries included with Halo: Reach on PC, they have been working on getting the title to work with VR controls and equipment. And based on this video they posted on their Twitter, there's plenty of reasons why Halo fans should be excited for this mod.

The above clip shows that looking around, rotations, hand movements, and (some) weapons are all working smoothly, which are crucial components for the mod to get working if the plan is to make a full-scale release that allows you to take on AI enemies in Campaign or other players in Custom Games. Aside from the work-in-progress clip, there's little more to go off of. However, fans have a good reason to be optimistic, as Nibre has previously developed a VR mod for another game: Alien: Isolation. If they can work their magic fully with Halo, too, it's a mod that will likely soar in popularity. If that happens, it may show 343 Industries that there's a market for VR Halo, which might eventually lead to some official VR Halo releases.

Your thoughts

Do you like the idea of playing Halo in VR? What weapon would you want to use the most? I'd love to get my hands on an Energy Sword in VR.

Halo: Reach on PC is available now for $10 on both Steam and the Windows 10 Store.

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