Far Cry 5 'Dead Living Zombies' DLC accidentally launches early on Xbox One

Far Cry 5: Dead Living Zombies is the final expansion for Ubisoft's insane open-world adventure. The DLC forces players to live through various scenarios which closely resemble the previous "Zombies" modes from the Call of Duty games. According to the description, "B-movie director Guy Marvel is destined to be the next big thing – just ask him. Join him in seven hilarious scenarios to take on hordes and hordes of the undead."

According to the Xbox Store, Dead Living Zombies was supposed to launch on August 28, 2018, but those who own Far Cry 5: Gold Edition or the Far Cry 5 Season Pass can play it right now on Xbox One. If you select Far Cry 5 on your console and enter the "Manage game & add-ons" page, you'll notice that the "Ready to install" section has a 177.9 MB download titled "DLC - Zombies". If you install it, you'll be able to access the expansion early. If you can't find the DLC through this method, try searching on the Xbox Store from your console.

Far Cry 5 is quite possibly the craziest entry in the franchise because not only does it feature a bizarre ending, but the previous DLC has been equally strange. The first download took players to Vietnam, and the other took players to Mars. Zombies seem to be a perfect fit when it comes to providing players with unexpected content.

Be sure to download Dead Living Zombies right now before Microsoft or Ubisoft catch on. We've played through the first few scenarios and they're a lot of fun. Plus, the DLC looks amazing running on an Xbox One X at native 4K resolution!

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Asher Madan

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