Capture photos lickity-split with Fast Camera, your myAppFree deal of the week

Fast Camera is a Windows Phone photography app that allows you to capture up to 25 HD photos per second. Once captured you can skim through the images and save the best photos to your phone.

Along with the burst feature, Fast Camera also has a time-lapse mode, a self-timer and stealth mode. Fast Camera has experienced a good amount of success over on iOS and at first glance, it should have similar success on the Windows Phone platform.

Fast Camera is this week's myAppFree deal of the week, which will save you $.99.

The key feature with Fast Camera is the burst mode that will allow you to capture up to 2,000 images at a rate of up to 25 frames per second. The app supports the full resolution range of your Windows Phone sensor - just keep in mind the higher the resolution the slower the burst rate.

Fast Camera

Additional features of Fast Camera include:

  • Full screen preview and quick swipe viewing of images
  • Save only the images you want from the burst sequence
  • Set a delay between images up to 5 minutes for time-lapse photography
  • Self-timer up to thirty seconds
  • Manual controls
  • Stealth mode that turns off the viewfinder during image capture
  • Date and timestamp overlay
  • Export images to Facebook, via email, as a video or to the Windows Phone Pictures Hub

Fast Camera can also be set to start taking pictures as the app launches so you won't miss the shot.

In just tinkering with Fast Camera for a short time, the Windows Phone app comes across as a feature rich camera option. Fast Camera normally runs $.99 and through the myAppFree deal, you can pick it up free over the next 24 hours. If you give Fast Camera a try, remember to head over to the Windows Phone Store and rate the app.

Note: It may take a short bit before the deal is reflected in the myAppFree Windows Phone app. However, the deal is already reflected in the Windows Phone Store listing for Fast Camera.

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  • Delicious. But what about us 5 mp?
  • Same question..?
  • Isn't there any Nokia apps that doing the same thing?
  • Nokia camera app - burst mode does same thing. Although lacks other features of the fast camera.
  • But quality isn't good
  • Check settings. You can increase the mp at which it takes pictures
  • Are you deliberately using a stereotypically British title?
  • Lickety split*
  • Didn't know that was a stereotypical British saying. We say it down South all the time.
  • Novelty factor 10, app retention factor 2.
  • Supports the full range of resolutions for your sensor, yet in the settings it shows a max of 5mp for my 930? So doesn't support the full sensor..
  • Gave me the full range on the Lumia 830.
  • crushed at the very first shot! but hey they're not microsoft to abondon their own software right? :)
  • HTC One BurstShot ftw.
  • this app is very unstable and not friendly
  • Works perfect on my Lumia 620.
  • Works well on 925 as well
  • We should be able to capture multiple shots per second as a standard feature on WP if Microsoft want to keep up with iOS and Android.
  • Burst mode is in default camera for Windows phone 8.1
  • Mmmmmm I see some similarities with Turbo Camera...
  • On my 1020 cannot focus
  • I think turbo cam and blink work much better
  • Max setting is 5.3MP on my 1520 and you cant select it when you launch the camera. Crap crap crap. How hard is it to use the full resolution of the camera WITHOUT having to load it on pc. I want to see the full resolution on my phone
  • Apps like Files and HD PhotoViewer are what you're after.
  • Guessing this requires 8.1?
  • Can't download on any of my WP8 devices on VZW or AT&T. My thought as well. Wish it was in the WPC write up or app description.
  • Tried it on my Nokia lumia 925
    works great for me
  • But with front camera ,portrait , image is upside down
  • Thanks Massimo :D
  • Where is the option of Time Lapse????????
  • In the settings . It works fine . But for selfies in portrait mode image is upside down on my Lumia 925
  • Stealth mode = creep shot?