FCC to do its job, look at all of wireless industry

It started with Google, Apple and AT&T. Rejection of the official Google Voice app from the App Store drew attention from the Federal Communications Commission, and now the feds are going to take a look at the entire wireless industry.

An open meeting has been announced for 10 a.m. EDT next Thursday in Washington, D.C. Here's what's on tap:

  • The Commission will consider a Notice of Inquiry to seek and understand better the factors that encourage innovation and investment in wireless and to identify concrete steps the Commission can take to support and enourage further innovation and investment in this area.
  • The Commission will consider a Notice of Inquiry soliciting information for the next annual report to Congress on the status of competition in the mobile wireless market, including commercial mobile services.
  • The Commission will consider a Notice of Inquiry that seeks comment on whether there are opportunities to protect and empower American consumers by ensuring sufficient access to relevant information about communications services.

In other words, they want to know what the frak is going on out there. Better late than never. We'll keep you posted.

FCC (pdf) via ZDNet

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  • I wonder if this will also lead to them stopping carriers from crippling phone features across the board a la Verizon and the GPS. I know a lot of people hate government interference, but I wonder if we'd have number portability today if it weren't for government interference?
  • i HOPE that this means they'll looking into the obvious price collusion of the major carriers. All raising their SMS rates (which costs them next to nothing to begin with) around the same time.
  • Some good better come out of this investigation. Now with AT&T saying it will force smartphone users onto data plans, there is only 1 major carrier (Sprint) left not to do this BS. I hope the FCC FUCKS all these assholes.