Feast your eyes on the Inner Circle

OK, it's not the most earth-shattering of developments for Windows Mobile, but what we have here are a couple of screenshots of the Inner Circle feature that will be on board the HTC Snap, brought to us by Smartphone Daily. [via Slashgear]

Inner Circle, as you may know, "makes it easy for people to prioritize messages from the most important people in their lives at the press of a button,” in HTC's words. There are grumblings, however, that Inner Circle may be chopped form the version of the Snap expected on for T-Mobile.

We'll have to see just how much Inner Circle adds to the messaging experience. Right now, it's pretty darn easy to quickly add contacts to an e-mail (though I'd still kill to be able to make group lists). But it does look like it basically filters by sender, which is something else you can't do out of the box with Windows Mobile.

Phil Nickinson

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