Feedback Hub now lets you reply to user comments

Feedback Hub reply

With the latest update to Feedback Hub for Fast ring Insiders, you can now reply to comments from other Feedback Hub users (via Aggiornamenti Lumia). Fostering feedback between testers will make the experience more social, and it's a feature that has been requested by Insiders for soem time.

The feature is available from any piece of feedback on the dedicated Feedback section. Within a particular topic, you'll now find a small "Reply" button right next to the "Report Abuse" button on any user response. Simply click the button to open a text box where you can quickly enter a reply to the selected comment.

As far as user-facing additions are concerned, that's all that appears to be new in this update. It's also likely that some bug fixes and general performance improvements are included in this update as well.

If you're a Fast ring Insider, you can try out comment replies by updating to Feedback Hub version 1.1711.3412.0 on Windows 10 now.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Better late than never, one would have thought this would have been implemented from the get go...
    Hopefully this also means feedback won't be left languishing without any responses from Microsoft, as this is one of the common examples used by people who hold the financial resources to indicate that Microsoft doesn't care and so why should they give more financial resources towards projects that target the windows platform.
    Resulting in companies pulling their apps from the Microsoft store.
    Also Microsoft needs to pour more resources into UWP and instead of going around chasing the next shiny object like magpies. UWP is the stop gap for PWA and project Rome.
  • This should cut down on the people leaving feedback for things that aren't an issue to begin with.
  • Finally, I bet it will get abused though
  • That's always the catch. However if there was strict enforcement from the get go, it may not be an issue. Never the less, you do need to have a microsoft account to post feedback and to create one you need various verification methods.