Feedly adds OneNote integration for Pro accounts

Feedly is a popular content and RSS service, enabling users to capture, store and share all your ideas, thoughts and information in one place. There isn't an official app for Windows Phone or Windows 8, but the Feedly team have unveiled a new feature for those lucky enough to rock the official apps on iOS and Android – OneNote integration.

With Microsoft opening up OneNote to the world by releasing a brand new API for developers to take advantage of, the company has worked to integrate its note service with Feedly. In official Feedly apps (for those who have Feedly Pro), there's now a handy button to save stories directly to OneNote, categorizing it with the ability to return and edit, annotate and collaborate at a later time.

As an added bonus, Microsoft has sponsored the feature on Feedly, making it available for free for everyone until April 17th.

While this new functionality is yet not available in third-party Feedly apps, check out some unofficial clients for Windows Phone if you haven't got one installed:

And Windows 8:

Will we see this OneNote integration in the near future for Windows and Windows Phone? Quite possibly with the new API. With the official apps sporting such a feature, we can't see resident developers not following suit. Source: Feedly

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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