TED is a nonprofit (started in 1984) focusing on spreading ideas using short talks, covering everything from science to business to global issues, and official Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps have just been released. The global community houses folk from around the world, welcoming those who desire a deeper understanding of the world as we know it today. The main website is a library full of content, which is now accessible using nothing more than your tablet, PC or Windows Phone.

The apps themselves are well-designed and take full advantage of screen real estate to display information about the available stories. There's some interesting content available through TED and the apps can absorb those minutes you have to spare during the day.

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We previously covered Bing receiving an upgrade with TED integration on search result pages, and while there are a bunch of third-party TED apps available on both the Windows and Windows Phone Stores, it's always a platform bonus to have official support.


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