Bing gets even smarter – integrates TED talks and more into search results

Bing may not be in the running to overtake Google any time soon, but the service’s attention to detail and focus on brining third party data into the mix can surpass the Mountain View team any day. Today, Bing has introduced integrated TED presentations, famous speeches, and more to their Snapshot pane.

When you browse Bing for a person or topic of mass interest – a pane on the right side of Bing, shows selected information. For example, Bing the query “Nelson Mandela” and the right hand pane will show you detailed information about him that has been pulled from Wikipedia, IMBD, and Freebase.

New implementations now allow the service to connect to TED and other sites for multimedia information. If you head over to Bing and search, “John F. Kennedy”, the service will not only tell you all about America’s thirty-fifth president, it will also give you one click access to a collection of his speeches.

Head over to Bing now, and check it out!

Source: Microsoft

Michael Archambault