Bing gets even smarter – integrates TED talks and more into search results

Bing may not be in the running to overtake Google any time soon, but the service’s attention to detail and focus on brining third party data into the mix can surpass the Mountain View team any day. Today, Bing has introduced integrated TED presentations, famous speeches, and more to their Snapshot pane.

When you browse Bing for a person or topic of mass interest – a pane on the right side of Bing, shows selected information. For example, Bing the query “Nelson Mandela” and the right hand pane will show you detailed information about him that has been pulled from Wikipedia, IMBD, and Freebase.

New implementations now allow the service to connect to TED and other sites for multimedia information. If you head over to Bing and search, “John F. Kennedy”, the service will not only tell you all about America’s thirty-fifth president, it will also give you one click access to a collection of his speeches.

Head over to Bing now, and check it out!

Source: Microsoft

  • this seems pretty cool
  • wow thats pretty awesome
  • Actually it is anytime better than google, the only problem is that we are so used to type google in the search bar that its getting difficult to get rid of it. I have presonally tried and somewhat succeeded (I can say) in using bing. I have made bing my default search engine, so that I don't have to go to google. Still, I sometimes go to google and check if Bing is giving me right information or not (it gave me accurate and better results so far).  Its just that we need to completely trust bing and prepare our mind to do the same and I am sure it would happen one day. :-).
  • I love Bing and I also set it as my default search engine. However, there are still some things they need to improve. Suggestions as you type aren't as good as Google's and if you search for some things, it just won't find them. I tried to search LINE Messenger on Bing and it gave me no accurate result on the first page. That's kind of annoying when you're looking for something as well known as LINE. I also hate to have to set my account preferences everytime I clean my cache. It should just save it online so that I can use the same settings wherever I log in. I also believe Bing is getting better and better but for English speaking countries. I would NEVER tell any Spanish speaker person to switch to Bing. Results are far away from being even fine. They are just plainly wrong most of the times. In the meanwhile, I'll keep using Bing in English and, whenever I can't find something, I will use the ad-bomber Google. I really hope I can totally rely on Bing on any search and any language some day soon.
  • i just tried searching line messenger and i got the correct link at the very top.. then again, im using bing canada. what are you using?
  • Bing USA (English). I just searched for it and it got the correct result this time. They might have fixed some searching issues now that they added new features or maybe I was just drunk LOL! However, it's not the only item I haven't been able to find. It happens now and then. But I must admit Bing is way better if you're searching for some pirate stuff hahaha LOL Greetings from Chile!
  • I understand many people have this mindset that Google search is better than Bing. That can screw their thinking. They just listen to what people say but not test for themselves.
  • I'm not one of those. I use Bing as my default search engine every day, so I test it every day. Overall I believe Google provides a better service in global terms since what you get in English is what you get in any other language. Bing is very English localized and as long as you're searching in English, Bing will beat Google most of the times. Problem is not everyone speaks English (and no one really has to speak it except those who were born in an English speaking country) and there are certain things that have no English equivalent as lyrics for local songs, local books, TV channels, radio stations, banks, poetry, etc. Those are things that work better in their original language. But Bing in other languages is like searching on Yahoo! in 1998.
  • I switched to Bing about 6-9 months ago  and yes it took a while for me to get use to it. I switched my default provider in my browser and even set my home page to Bing.  I still type google from time to time when need to search for something out of habit.   I think Bing has come a very long way and in my opinion it is way better than google now. 
  • They need to bring more though like a shopping category etc this all they bring to the table its good but it costing them money why not overhaul or just get some more function that should be in a search engine! Speech recognition in search too etc! Improve some things already not one thing every year... Ok I am exaggerating they have made some more recent improvements but come on get the search features in their!
  • I HATE how unreliable the shopping feature is. Sometimes it is there and sometimes it isn't. Just let me click a tab and see it, even if I search for "third moon of Vega." It is especially bad on Windows Phones. Sometimes there will be shopping areas in the search, sometimes not. Sometimes news, sometimes not.
  • Love TED! Go Bing!
  • I've been Bing only since its inception. Also I'm a fan boy haha
  • ...not available in germany yet... :/
  • Google always automatically redirects me to and I get relavent results. The bing search button on my Lumia doesn't seem to give me local results. i.e. I searched for the temperature in a town, and it was listing them as 70's. We use celcius in NZ so this was useless information to me. I prefer windows phone, I prefer xbox, I prefer windows and I prefer hotmail. But google in my opinion is far superior as a search engine.
  • Nothing when I search, same as before.
  • cool indeed.   on a WP related note, my Bell ATIV S has the new Bing search with Local/Images/Video tabs. updated this week. before I just had the default one from last year. YAAYAY!
  • Bing is amazing it is catching up to google. It just needs word suggestions and more precise search result. And the pictures search function is freaking awesome with how you can choose color and size
  • Bing image search is what made me switch back in 2006 and it has only got better.
  • I've now completely change from Google to Bing. Everything is working fine. I found what I am looking for. Started to change since July 2013. Bing is way better now. Kudos to Bing team. Always nice to see more features added to Bing search engine.
  • Huh, I don't seem to get anything more than just the basic search results. Do I have to enable this feature somewhere? (I'm in Canada)
  • The Canada experience is different, we don't even get search by date.
  • I really appreciate MS's work towards Bing search.Truly it has become a hell lot better but not so close to Google(though it will).Hats off to the hard work MS and keep the cool wallpapers coming everyday.