Fifth Xbox One Preview build of the week brings improvements to Games & Apps

This latest build brings improvements to the Games & Apps section, which has undergone a radical overhaul for the upcoming update.

Most of the builds that shipped this week revolved around bug fixes and polish, with the exception of July 12th's build, which allowed Xbox One Preview members to disable Cortana in favor of the legacy Kinect voice commands.

Here are the details of the latest update tagged rs1_xbox_rel_1608.160714-2120, as detailed on the Xbox One Preview (opens in new tab) forums. It should begin rolling out at 6:00 PM PDT.


  • My Games & Apps

Resolved an issue which sometimes caused purchases not to appear in games until the title was restarted.

Performance improvement when scrolling with large collections (no focus loss, no excessive load times)


  • Xbox Preview Dashboard

You may encounter an "Unexpected error" screen when attempting to launch the Xbox Preview Dashboard app or Report a problem.

  • Blu-Ray Player

When watching a video with the Blu-Ray Player, the screen may dim after a short period of inactivity.

  • Payment & Billing

You may be unable to add PayPal as a payment option.

  • Profile

Users are able to select their own Gamertag at no charge once per account. After this you will be charged for future Gamertag changes. In the current update, any free Gamertag changes will complete successfully. Attempting to purchase a Gamertag change will charge your account, but will not change your Gamertag. Please avoid purchasing a Gamertag change on Xbox One at this time. To successfully change your Gamertag, visit

When selecting "Add new" to add a new profile, the add profile interface may take up to 30 seconds to appear.

  • Cortana

When using a language Cortana does not support, you may still see references to Cortana in text.

  • Pins

If you have pins on your Home to movies, TV shows, or music, they will disappear from Home when that app takes its new app update. The pins for the apps will stay on your Home, easy to get to.

  • My Games & Apps

You may encounter an error when attempting to load Ready to Install with a large number of digital games and apps.

  • Community Calendar

Links to the Store in Community Calendar event details do not currently function.

The quickening pace of updates bodes well for the Xbox One's update, which joins Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile as part of this summer's Windows 10 Anniversary Update wave. If you'd like to know more about how Games & Apps has changed in the Xbox One Preview, see the link below. As always, you can track all of the latest Xbox One builds and bug fixes using our Xbox One Preview tag.

Jez Corden
Managing Editor

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  • On fire.
  • Loving the pace!
  • my internet data usage is feeling it lol
  • Still a lot of known issues for being this close to public release.
  • Why cant I get on the xbox one preview?? I have it on my phone and all my computers but it seems from what I can tell I have to be invited by someone in it? Anyone want to hook me up? J4yblazer is the tag.
  • Will be available after the anniversary update
  • This was the system for the updates to the nxoe builds
  • You had to be invited (everyone I know with Xbox received one, so don't think it was very exclusive). If so, you'd have a message from Xbox in messaging (on Xbox live) - follow the link to enrol your Xbox One on the program. It's slow though - took 3-4 days before my Xbox was enrolled and started to update.
  • ​The performance for me is still terrible -- loading up the side menu takes 3-7 seconds every time. I'm still shocked at how all of the other Win10 OSes are fast and smooth, yet the XBone is a trainwreck. I like the design, but performance is worse than when I bought it 3 years ago.
  • Hope you are giving feedback using feedback tool
  • I am not seeing slow times. Guide is very fast opening even when using Cortana voice command. Report your issues.
  • Yup, side bar is awful slow. Not to mention, some games like Forza take an age to load.
  • Forza takes forever to load on PC too so that's probably not the fault of the Xbox :P
  • It's always been slow on XB1 too, just seems slower since this weeks previews.
  • You sould try Just Cause 3 if you think Forza is slow to load. It's really bad.
  • I just played Forza foe an hour. Load times were normal. Make reports.
  • I guess load times depend on PC build configuration ;)
  • I'm surprised that they're working on Xbox too. Didn't know they would divide the man power that much Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • your surprised xbox has devs? and staf that update it?
  • my thoughts exactly hahaha
  • Oh, sorry. I thought the same developing pc and mobile was developing Xbox as well. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Seems faster