Filmmaker uses Nokia Lumia 1020 to shoot incredible short film - NY 41X41

Want to see something really cool? US filmmaker Paul Trillo has created a new short film, shot on the Lumia 1020 by Nokia. NY 41X41 takes the viewer down Manhattan street, New York passing 41 blocks (hence the name). The Nokia Conversations team managed to catch up with Trillo for a few words and interviewed him about how the idea came about and why the Lumia 1020 was selected.

Taking the limitless emphasised with the ability to zoom in on the Lumia 1020's 41MP shots, the video makes it appear as though you can continually travel through the zoom and keep going. This helps bring the street to life as you traverse further into the background only to be greeted by more content to take in. Trillo explains the technique

"The effect is essentially an image within an image, repeated 41 times. So basically once one photo of a city block magnifies, the following block fills the frame. The scaling or zooming effect has quite a different feeling than if you were actually traveling in a car down the street. Being able to continually zoom is something the brain is not used to seeing so it definitely plays with your perception."

So which city would Trillo choose next if this adventure was to be reproduced? Logically thinking, Paris or Tokyo would be at the top of the shortlist, due to the "sheer density of those cities." There's no denying the above short film is a superb production, but there are numerous ways to achieve such quality yourself with the Lumia 1020 (or other Windows Phones).

We recently covered the Camera360 update that introduced double exposure, enabling you to create some cool new effects with minimal effort. That's the beauty of the Windows Phone experience and third-party apps. You don't have to be a professional photographer to get some interesting and unique styles added to video and still images.

Head on over to Nokia Conversations for the full interview with Paul Trillo. It's well worth the read.

Source: YouTube, via: Nokia

Rich Edmonds
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