Final Fantasy 14 (FFXIV): Endwalker is having server problems

Final Fantasy Xiv Endwalker Exploration
Final Fantasy Xiv Endwalker Exploration (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker recently launched worldwide on PC and PlayStation.
  • As of Wednesday, players are having problems, reporting server errors and being disconnected.
  • Square Enix is aware of the problem and is currently investigating to find a solution.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker is here, helping one of the best multiplayer games available continue to grow and bringing with it the exciting conclusion to the story that first began years back with A Realm Reborn. Unfortunately, if you're having issues playing right now, you're not alone. Many players right now are reporting extreme server issues, including being completely disconnected or kicked out of dungeons.

Square Enix is aware of the problem, which seems primarily focused on the Ultros World server. Square Enix is currently investigating and working on a solution, but for now, any players on the server should be aware that they might experience disconnects at any moment.

Final Fantasy XIV's player count has swelled tremendously over the past couple of years. Earlier in 2021, Final Fantasy XIV crossed 24 million players ahead of the launch of Endwalker.

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