We're still waiting for an official beta of Mozilla's Fennec mobile browser, and it now looks like it's targeted for later this month. [via] (Update: The Milestone Release is out now.) But in the meantime, here's some more to whet your appetite. One of the cooler features of Fennec is its ability to support add-ons, just like it's big brother desktop browser. Above we have a video from felipc, who's doing some very cool work with gesture inputs for the browser.

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Obviously, this is a demonstration performed on a Mac, but you can imagine how powerful this could be on a mobile phone. We see demonstrated:

  • Open a new tab: draw a circle
  • Close a tab: draw an X
  • Go to home page: draw a house
  • Bookmark a page: draw a star
  • Open a mini menu: draw a counter-clockwise circle

Get this on a properly equipped phone – it remains to be seen what kind of graphics/processing power it's going to need, though the Touch Pro was identified as a probable beta test platform – and it likely could become our browser of choice.