Firefox Mobile coming sooner than reported

The Internets have been a bit atwitter over what in most cases would be considered a major delay for Mozilla's Firefox Mobile browser, with 2010 reported to be the latest launch target.

But The Unwired has received some clarification - an Alpha pre-version is possible by the end of 2008, and a final product "well before" 2010.

From Mozilla's Mitchell Baker at

I saw one press article wondering if including “have an effective product in the mobile space” in our 2010 goals means that we won’t ship something interesting until 2010. That is not the case at all. We will ship well before then. The intent of this goal was to say: in 2010 when we look at where we are, it should be screamingly obvious that we’ve done this. That means releasing a good product much sooner, seeing good results and acceptance, and seeing those results grow over time.

That's obviously good news if you're waiting for browsing alternative. It will be interesting to how the final product (check out an early look here) stands up to the likes of Skyfire, Opera 9.5, and Google's Chrome, which are all quickly distancing themselves from the standard IE mobile browser.

WC Staff