Firefox will soon respect your dark and light theme settings on Windows 10

From a customization standpoint, one of the most attractive changes added in Windows 10 is the ability to switch between system-wide dark and light themes. But if you prefer to go dark, that setting is only as good as the apps that work in concert with it. For Firefox fans, you'll soon be able to count your browser of choice among them.

This week, Mozilla added the option for the latest Firefox Nightly build to respect your Windows 10 theme settings. So, if you choose to go with the system-wide dark theme, Firefox will automatically switch to its dark theme to match. Likewise, choosing the light theme will keep Firefox light as well. Thankfully, if you use a custom theme, Firefox won't bother to switch things up (via MSPU).

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Firefox's nightly release channel is used as a development branch to test out new features, including the bugs that come with them, so it's not for anyone unwilling to put up with an unstable browser. However, now that this setting is included in the development branch, it should eventually make its way down to the main Firefox release version.

If you're curious, you can give the feature a shot now by grabbing the latest Firefox Nightly build at Mozilla.

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  • Cool!
  • Firefox will soon respect your dark and light theme settings on Windows 10, unlike Edge.
  • Edge has it's own theme setting.
  • It would be nice if there was at least the option to have it use Windows 10's setting though. Like most other apps with the "Light", "Dark" and "Use System Setting" preferences.
  • Firefox will soon respect your dark and light theme settings on Windows 10, unlike NATIVE! File Explorer.
  • This is something that annoys me too, though it is supposed to be fixed in the next major update!
  • That is why MS brought the fluent design to win32.
  • What a pathetic fanboi; I've used edge for a while now(which isn't even my main browser cause Firefox is); there is a setting to make edge follow the system theme and if the user doesn't want it to; then they can select a custom one as well; this feature has been available on Edge for quite a while now..
    I'm a Microsoft fan, i talk with facts not bs fanboi'sm and it doesn't change the fact that Edge isn't capable of replacing Firefox for me and I've tried; there maybe others who are OK with Edge, Firefox replaced Chrome for me, and its been good but there are times when i wish Edge followed some features in due certain features of Edge being unique to itself and reliable in its own way, it just needs a few more touch'ups to be that browser i can count on cause I'm looking at 70% of real good innovations and 30% of lacking in the most basics that should have been there, for some it might be alright but I'm picky and i don't favor or disfavor a platform based on how much I've like or hate the corp or brand unlike some who do, i'm looking for comfort and reliability and i want to really gain the best from products as a consumer and each of these products should provide me(the user) the best it can because that is how a product should work for its consumers, it's simple as that. but if your objective was to make a fool out of yourself, i believe you've already accomplished that.
  • Is this UWP?
  • why should it be? is Edge one?
  • It doesn't seem to be and I guess this is a simple hack Firefox devs did to follow current system preference. I mean it's just black/white, some ppl here are already complaining that File Explorer and Edge couldn't be able to do this natively. MSFT is looking for something more permanent, ppl.
  • Why Windows File Explorer not?
  • Cause fluent design API for win32 wasn't available till very recently.
  • File explorer dark mode is coming in one of the next feature updates, hopefully.
  • Yep, it's supposed to be in the next one coming. It's been a damn long time waiting.
  • They should release it to the store, too.
  • Microsoft doesn't allow that, unlike Android.
  • I hope they will soon make it more touch friendly. I really like the "new" Firefox but its laggy when used with touch