First batch of Nokia Lumia 610s go on sale in the Philippines

A big day for those living in the Philippines as the Nokia Lumia 610 has finally gone on sale there making it the first country for the intro-level device. This is also after the Lumia 710 and 800 went on sale there last weekend. The price of the Lumia 610 is set for 11,000 PHP or about 260 USD which comes across as a fairly competitive offering and could sell well at that price.

The Nokia Blog was on hand in Manila and the Nokia store looked well decked out. And according to Mark Guim the staff were courteous and knowledgeable as well, setting a good example.

Nokia in Manilla

The Lumia 610 gets rid of the ClearBlack AMOLED screen of the 800 and 900 and goes for the cheaper 3.7" TFT-style to help bring down the cost. It also features 256MB of RAM (running Windows Phone "Tango") and a 800MHz CPU. Despite those low specs, it seems to perform very well and from our hands on with the device (after the break), we're just as impressed with it as the Lumia 710.

According to Mark, we can expect the Lumia 610 to land in China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Vietnam in a few weeks. It's great to see Nokia entering these markets to help expand the Windows Phone base.

Head over to the source link to see some more photos of the Philippines launch.

Source: The Nokia Blog

Daniel Rubino

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  • Any idea on India launch?
  • Perfect!! But i want the Lumia 800 or 900. Thanks Nokia/Microsoft though! I'll visit this store and let all my friends know about this awesome deal. :-P
  • Nokia Lumia 610 is 250 EURO, that is too expensive for such a low end phone
    for 250 EURO you can get Sony Xperia U or even Sola which have dual-core & ICS
    and this Nokia will not be updated to Windows 8 so you`re stuck in Windows 7,5
  • Even at low end, they perform better than the crappy phones you've been comparing. Now, if you want update to WP8, you're free not to by now because others would like to use their phone already.
  • I can buy a 710 for EUR 220 - so definitely too expensive.
  • Wait a few weeks and the 610 is at least down to 190€
  • They should be giving this out on Eat Bulaga instead of the asha shit.
  • I want one of those, but sounds like its months away from Europe :/
  • I hope it sells well here, since Windows Phone phones in the Philippines have sold fairly well, but not as well as many Androids (Galaxy's and others.) and the iPhone.
    I really do.
    Personally though, I'm still holding out to the Lumia 900 (Or should I now get the 800?).
  • Just yesterday we got got one "Out of Memory" crash report from a Lumia 610 from the Philippines and our game is #4 on the top list.  I'm already worried about fragmentation... is this what Android devs feel like? ;)
  • The way my wife uses her phone (calls, text messages, email, weather, no music or video ... basically basic apps, one at a time), the 610 would be perfect.  It would also be a better fit for her smaller hands than her HD7.  I hope this comes to the US.
  • nokia should price this to that of the galaxy y. The galaxy y is selling like hot cake! -sent via n9