First Far Cry 5 trailer is a tour of violence in rural Montana

The first trailer for Far Cry 5 is here, and Jonestown vibes reverberate throughout. At just over two minutes, the trailer gives us a look at the game's rural Montana setting, where we'll be taking on a religious cult that has a violent stranglehold on the citizens of Hope County.

The Montana setting is a big departure from that of previous Far Cry games, which saw players venturing through tropical islands and fictional countries tucked in the Himalayas. Instead, Far Cry 5 offers a chance to trek through the wilderness of the American west. And given the last Far Cry game, Primal, took place in the distant past, Far Cry 5 offers something fresh altogether.

The religious theme, which was more than hinted at in the recent release of the game's first official art, is sure to push the envelope of controversy. That said, it certainly looks like it will offer an interesting dive into some new territory for the franchise.

In any case, Far Cry 5 is set for a February 27, 2018 release. E3 is right around the corner, however, so we should learn much more about the game soon. For now, you can take a closer look at some of the game's characters in a set of vignettes.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • wow thanks dan! far cry 4 was one of the best games ive ever played so i cant wait to get my hands on far cry 5!
  • thanks God its not a western, so maybe I am interested
  • A religious cult in Montana. Wow, Ubisoft really dug deep into their creative well to come up with that one. /s
  • Are you saying that Ubisoft have done a lot of games involving cults in Montana, because that's what your wording implies.
  • PlayStation is best place to play.. 😀😀😀😂😂😂
  • Looks very interesting.
  • Yes but graphics are a bit low I guess..
  • It's an open World game.
  • I don't really see the U.S. Government just letting some religious militia forcibly take over an entire county, or the Montana Government for that matter, why does there need to be a resistance, why doesnt the governor just send in the National Guard. They better explain that some how, these sorts of things work in other Far Cry games because they take place in 3rd world countries and places without a huge powerful government.
  • LMAO!! Dude, you best belive that there are pockets of this country that are off the grid completely controlled by local goverment.  And if the Feds can be corruptted at the highest levels just imagine what those little independents might be like.
  • Rural Montana? Isn't that redundent? 
  • Montana DOES have cities
  • Only thing missing is a fascist Representative.