Fitbit now owns Vector as it scoops up another smartwatch maker

Fitbit continues to grow its portfolio, with the fitness tech company now acquiring Vector, our favorite smartwatch maker. This comes a short time after the acquisition of Pebble, though with Vector offering full support for Windows Mobile we're a little more despondent this time around.

From Vector's blog post:

Today, we are happy to announce that the Vector Watch team and our software platform are joining Fitbit, the leader in the connected health and fitness market! We believe this is an important milestone as a moment when we will start building other new and amazing products, features and experiences, incorporating our unique technology and knowhow with Fitbit's experience and global community.

It all sounds like the usual PR spiel from such an acquisition, but Vector is also answering a few questions. Mostly you can still buy a watch and it will still work and be supported, but it looks like the end of the road for new features:

New product features (software and hardware) will not be added. Our support technical team will continue to offer assistance for Vector Watch customers through our traditional contact channels.

As for what Fitbit intends to do with all this smartwatch software it's purchasing, only time will tell. But at least Fitbit is a good partner of Microsoft and continues to support the Windows platform, so we'd expect to be included whatever it ends up being.

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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