Fitbit reportedly acquiring Pebble for up to $40 million

A veritable meeting of the wearables may be in the works, as Fitbit is rumored to be considering a purchase of Pebble. Initially reported by The Information (opens in new tab) and verified by Engadget, the price of the potential deal is said to land somewhere between $34 and $40 million.

Interestingly, Fitbit is said to be mostly interested less in Pebble's products and more in its intellectual properties and operating system. According to The Information, that means Fitbit is likely to phase out Pebble's devices following a potential acquisition. Still, it would definitely be interesting to see what Fitbit would concoct by combining its Fitness tracker experience with Pebble's OS know-how.

As an aside, Engadget's report notes that this isn't the first acquisition offer Pebble has received. In 2015, Pebble apparently turned down a far more lucrative offer of $740 million from well-known watch maker Citizen. As it stands, the rumored $34 to $40 million offer from Fitbit would just manage to cover Pebble's current debt to suppliers, which is said to be at least $25 million.

As with all reports of this nature, it's best to take this with a grain of salt until we hear confirmation from either Fitbit or Pebble. With that in mind, what would you like to see from a device with both Fitbit and Pebble DNA? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Interesting to see the possible synergies from such an acquisition
  • Yes it would allow Fitbit (that makes Health-based wearables) to dive into making smartwatches as well.
  • Holy crap... $40 million? Is that how far Pebble has fallen? They basically started the wearable market themselves... Even though I am a Band-user that makes me a little sad. I liked the idea behind pebbles products.
  • The only real Pebble alternative is Vector Smart watch (which I just bought!!)
  • Love my Pebble Time. I hope Fitbit can copy some of the Timeline OS, since that's what originally sold me on getting in on a wearable. If they copy that and use e-Ink screens (I do want it to be an always-on watch), maybe I will pick up a Fitbit next. In the meantime, this makes me really sad how far they've fallen.
  • Pebble devices don't use e-ink panels. E-ink panels only use power when updating the screen and the image stays on the screen even if the device is dead. Pebble devices use "e-paper" panels as they call them and are not related to e-ink displays. Many people don't know the difference.
  • Looks like just a patent portfolio beef up. I'm not sure Pebble OS itself brings anything to the table FitBit hasn't already accomplished with its own OS.
  • Perhaps: Microsoft>Fitbit>Pebble
  • Too bad MS wearable future is currently dead in water.
  • Nope. Just the band brand
  • From $740 million to $40 million...
  • Timing is everything - especially in the tech industry where you can go from the top to bottom nearly overnight.
  • Pebble HQ: "Hey did FitBit miss off a digit?" "We appear to be missing a 7" Courier: Looks at his Red Arrows Skyhawk AT Watch (JY0110-55E) hmm... are you going to sign? I haven't got all day! Joking aside... that is a huge gulf... It would be interesting to see what materializes from this acquisition and how this makes the other manufacturers react.