Flipboard drops support for its Windows phone app

Flipboard has dropped support for its Windows phone app, leaving another big name to disappear from the platform. The app is no longer available to download from the mobile Windows Store, and a Flipboard community support manager has confirmed it is no longer supported (thanks for the tip, Humzah!).

Given the current state of Microsoft's mobile efforts, it's no surprise to see another big app leaving the platform. Other big names have been abandoning Windows phones in recent months, including, most recently, Wells Fargo, which announced its intentions just last week.

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It's not all bad news, however. While Flipboard's mobile app may be on the outs, its desktop Windows 10 app still remains available in the Windows Store. And though it doesn't appear to have received a noteworthy feature update in more than a year, it's still good to see it's sticking around for desktop users.

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