Wells Fargo is dropping support for its Windows phone app

Another banking app is about to leave Windows phone users behind, as Wells Fargo has announced it will soon drop support for its app. In an email to users, Wells Fargo says that its app for Windows phones will be unsupported as of October 24.

From the email:

To focus on delivering exceptional digital experiences that our clients use the most, starting October 24, 2017, we will no longer support the Wells Fargo Mobile App for Windows phone. We regret any inconvenience this may cause.For fast and easy access to your accounts, you can continue to visit wellsfargo.com from your smartphone's browser. Wellsfargo.com is optimized for use on your smartphone and provides a mobile-friendly experience.

Given the state of Microsoft's mobile efforts at the moment, it's not hard to see why Wells Fargo would be dropping support. Still, for anyone still making use of the app, instructions to shift to the bank's mobile site are hardly reassuring.

Wells Fargo only launched its current Windows 10 Mobile app in mid-2016 after retiring its older Windows Phone 8 app. It's unclear if the app will still continue to work after support is dropped, but it definitely won't be receiving any more updates if it does.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Tbh, I often wondered if the W10 app was a web wrapper. It behaved and functioned exactly the same way as the mobile website. If it was not a web wrapper, then it was a really well designed app that leveraged the same UI as that of the website.
  • But it has mobile deposits, which is all I ever used it for.  Too bad that's going away.
  • mobile deposits?  can you depoit paper checks and cash with phones? 
  • You can deposit checks using your phones camera and a bank app. You can't deposit cash via phone. Lol
  • deposit checks using your phones camera and a bank app?  you dont need sign the checks?
  • Yes, most banking apps (at least in the US) have been allowing mobile deposits for some time (on supported platforms).
  • if you can scan any check without signature or verificartion then you scan coins and paper money. 
  • You still need to sign it. It will show up in the picture unsigned otherwise. A dollar and a check are totally different things. The valuable part of a check is the number on it, not the check itself. It makes sense you can mobile deposit a check and a not a dollar.
  • You do need to sign your checks. Its required to take a front and back picture of the check.
  • Honestly, if there is a UWP app that can deposit checks, that would work fine for the next generation of Windows on Mobile....
  • Is Andromeda Windows on phones? It might not be Windows, it might be something new. Windows on phone seems to be a dead end if the past 6 years is any indication.
  • Time to close all my accounts with Wells Fart-ongo Bank!
  • I love that....change banks.....why not change phones...cheaper,  easier...and BETTER
  • Because MS support for win10 mobile ends in early 2019 and as such wfb should follow the same path...It's dead until it's dead!
  • Why should they use their time and money on Microsoft's failed platform? For a couple users?
  • ROI is not there.   they are losing money supporting windows 10 moible.
  • What is the status quo can and will change. Microsoft could do it. A company that we don't even know of could do it. Somebody will change the paradigm. Microsoft has waited out other products that were losing money.
  • Microsoft doesn't even support windows mobile properly, it's dead. Lol
  • Not really. It's pretty easy to change banks, whereas by changing phones, you may need to buy all new chargers, accessories, paid apps, etc.  
  • You are off your fanboy rocker...its way easier just to goto a new phone.  having to get new banking information to all your services, employer etc...you are out of your mind if you think changing a bank is easier.
  • waaaahhhh fanboy crybaby downvotes for the TRUTH!  LOVE THEM!
  • what do you expect from a desperate fanboy?
  • How many services and banks will you change?
  • I dont think there are any left with proper windows mobile apps so all the fanboys here are outta luck with banking on their phone now.  
  • Bank of America and Ally Bank are still available.  If either/both drop support then I *might* start thinking about moving to Android...
  • Better start planning today... hey the new note is in town
  • USAA is always there.
  • Way to bring us all down 👇🏽. I'm leaning towards android now...
  • Go for it! I just got myself an s8 as a second phone next to my 950.. After so many years its just a breath of fresh air it just is. No lag in apps and every option u could imagine is in that device. It even warned me yesterday during  rain that moist was detected in the charging port so I might consider waiting before recharging. Theres just so many little things that make it perfect. Dont even know where microsoft should begin with adding features to w10m.. Theres just so many smart features that are absent on w10m. Try it ull like it. And believe me coming from me as a loyalist thats a big thing
  • I also have an S8.  I have yet to find even the tiniest thing that works less well than on W10M.
  • I just bought one too. First non-Google phone since the Nexus S. It is amazing. Blazing fast and the camera has been faultless. No hesitation at all and takes a great picture every time.
  • Thats what Im saying I thought it was just the appgap, but its not. Microsoft is years behind in terms of features and stability and there not even trying to catch up.
  • Wow, that's a bummer. 
  • it was starting to get buggy and did not work well. The website works well enough...Oh well.
  • deleting it now.....smh
  • This app was very slow from the begining. I have been considering going back to my Lumia 950XL lately, but a lot of the apps I need either have been dropped or are buggy/slow. So I guess I'll just wait and see what Microsoft is planning.
  • They are planning another half assed attempt at mobile that will not catch on and have zero outside support,  just like 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.....
  • more downvotes by desperate fanboys. Aren't they fed up eating all the crap Nutella is feeding them?
  • SMH....One of the few apps that I actually use gets dropped.  The 950 will definitely be my last Windows Phone. I paid too much for this phone when they're barely any apps to make use of the phones power.  Bluetooth goes in and out, no apps no support, phone sometimes takes forever to unlock, keypad sometimes take for ever to show up and so on.   
  • Read my comment above.. There is salvation
  • Retrenchment at its best!
  • Like I said theefman,  The trench is six feet deep...and includes a coffin!
  • I'm now an android user. I'm using a Note 5 with Launcher 10 to simulate the Windows 10 Mobile experience. I have Groove Music, Cortana, Bing, HERE Maps, MS Office. So I'm not sure what I miss from Windows phone. It's actually a smoother experience on Android LOL. Weird how Microsoft apps work better on a different platform. 
  • FYI. Launcher 10 has a feature that I wished my real Windows Phone had, a button to lock the tiles in place. 
  • Welp.. guess this is the final straw.  I was OK with a lot of apps missing, but this is ridiculous. Time to move on from W10M.  
  • YEP....totally...you will be MUCH HAPPIER with a device that actually does things besides answer calls and text.
  • I don't know why two people downvoted you for speaking the truth. Have an upvote from me. LOL, Windows phones are now glorified featurephones that do nothing but call, text, and take pictures. Pretty soon those pricey 950XLs and Elite X3s are gonna have nothing but pinned Edge bookmarks filling up the homescreen.
  • Exactly why I gave my old WM to my father
  • On top of that, Edge is a horrible experience on my 640XL. And the syncing of bookmarks: there's none. Maybe this has something to do with the fact that after every update of Windows 10 desktop my bookmarks are gone. Which made me finally decide to start using Chrome. And guess what: syncing is perfect with my new Android phone. I could go on and on, ... contacts, reminders, etc... it's all much better on Android. Which was not what I expected. You must really like to torture yourself staying at Microsoft's platform.
  • Yes I am speaking the truth...I OWN A 950XL.  Not like i am an apple or android FREAK who ONLY uses one type and thinks everything else is ****.   simple...windows 10 mobile is NOT a vaialbe platform....it was doomed from the beginning because of Nadella's short sightedness  
  • He was downvoted by desperate fanboys...those that kiss MS @$$ everyday.
  • Aren't WF a bunch of crooks anyway?
  • Wells Fargo definitely has some major issues to deal with right now.
  • At least Fargo gave us an app, my bank has not only never had one, everyutime I asked they said one was "in development" so that I wouldnt switch banks.
  • At least they released an app. TD Bank said they were going to release an app for the US after they released their Canadian app but never did.
  • With support for wp ending in 2019...i suspect the Silverlight apps like this one from Fargo to go the way of the dodo bird. However with w10 continuing to grow its user base and w10s driving that in college then I expect banks to come back in uwp form. If not so what. Either use prisim (see store) or use the web. Before apps and I do mean like 8-10 years before on my wm device web was all we had....it didn't stop me then and it won't stop me now.
  • I love wp and but will gladly transition to w10 on mobile. It is what the promise of w10m was always supposed to be. And I think it might have been but they accidentally found a faster way there and they are gonna take it because after they do as they develop w10 proper mobile will basically devlop itself.
  • It says this is a W10 app so I assume this is the UWP??
  • The WF app was one of the only apps I used on the regular.  Now to see it go, is more of a reason to move back to iPhone.  My wife already booked it back to iOS.  My daughter and I still have our Lumia 950's.  I will be moving my daughter to iOS soon and I will be shortly after her.  Other apps have been lft behind that I used alot before i.e. SoundHound.  I was OK dealing with the occasional screen blackouts after a call and camera lagging, but even that has been too much to where I really don't take pictures anymore.
  • This sucks! I'm using this app pretty often☹
  • Yea... We had a O.K. run. Love my 1520 but the SD800 feels slow lately. Primary apps Fitbit and Facebook are both slow. Wells Fargo is my bank, not happy with them as a company but stuck by since they supported W10M. I'm interested in in the Note 8 - really like the specs, except for the price. When I do pull the trigger on it I'll load up all my Microsoft Apps and services - and my local credit union's app and close my Well Fargo Account. I will miss my W10M experience as my daily driver but Ill have my 1520, 830 and hacked 925 to play with and remind me of the good 'ol days.
  • Eh, dammit.  I mean, I'm really trying.  Got the HTC Trophy on Verizon day 1, my first smartphone.  Moved to Lumia 822, Lumia 928, Lumia Icon. I'm on my third Icon.  I had my sisters on WP, they've both jumped ship.  I'm still using my Icon and I like it.  But the video is giving me a humming noise in the background now.  The battery is getting bad.  The screen looks less sharp than it originally did.  I use this Wells Fargo app frequently.  This morning for my kid's back to school pictures I grabbed my wife's iPhone 7 because it takes better pictures and the camera is more reliable.  Getting my kids all set for school this year, their teacher uses an app to communicate with parents that's, wait for it, not available on WM.  This is the same story over and over and over.  I'm not sure I can keep using my Icon until some magic product arrives from MS at some unknown point in the future.  The MS store at the local mall (a permanent kiosk) only had Galaxies on display in the phone area.  The writing's on the wall.  For the first time since 2010, I'm thinking about switching...
  • >not available on WM
    Just switch, dude. You buy a smartphone for what it can do for you and for convenience. Does it sound like it's doing its job? Needing to use your wife's iPhone because "the camera is more reliable"? No app to connect with your children's teacher? Get an iPhone or flagship Android, and let them work for you and make life easier (I can't deal without mobile deposits).
  • Another app loses support... What else is new with W10M? Seriously though, this is only going to.continue to happen. There just isn't a user base big enough to support developers.
  • Windows 10 mobile/RT at this point....actually come to think of it,  RT has more support and it has been shitcanned for years now!
  • Given that it's been weeks since we can comment using the app, sure seems like Mobile Nations dropped support for the Windows Central app.
  • RIP Windows Mobile.
  • Doesn't work on W10 either. Maybe Mobile Nations figures we'll all just use the website. Maybe that's true given the excessive ad situation hasn't improved. Whatever, I visit maybe 10% as much as as used to.
  • Dang good thing I switched to Android years ago.
  • For sure...even windows central has dropped support for windows 10 mobile.  
  • It's coming up on 2 weeks since I left WP. I broke my 950 and ran on an old 640 for a little while and decided to give up. Had my whole family on it, five phones. Keeping the folks on it, but have decided to move my wife and daughter to Android with me. There are things I miss, but the benefits definitely outweigh any negatives. Actually, it's mostly just doing things differently, not really negative per se. The notification bar has replaced the live tiles, I can pin contacts, web pages and other items to my home pages and I can make folders for stuff I don't need that often or that I want to group for convenience. The app drawer is alphabetical but unfortunately you can't jump to a particular letter. There's a slight learning curve, but nothing that can't be figured out.
  • We went to iphone from windows phone.  The reasons are that my oldest had an iphone,  and both our parents have iphones.  Imessage and facetime are awesome features.  Having any app you want,  any accessory you can think of,  and all kinds of cool wearable technology was a HUGE breath of fresh air.  I only hope in the future,  apple can release imessage app on windows 10 for desktop.  I would pay 50 dollars for that app.  
  • I went over to android when my 920 died and my carrier quit windows phones. Got myself squarehome 2 launcher and set up my lg g4 to look like windows. To anyone thinking of going to droid this will give you the best of both worlds. Use an icon pack such as whicons too.
  • I use the app, but only for deposits.  I don't see why these banks don't add deposit capability to their websites.  That way they could support anyone's mobile device with a good enough camera and not have to have a bunch of apps to support.   I was using the U-Haul website the other day to rent a truck and they used the phone to take pictures for automatic check in.  If always figured it must be hard to do this since none of the banks do it, but if UHaul can do it, banks can do it also.
  • because the app way is the way to go. It's not their fault Microshit is a bunch of incompetents and their OS never took off.
  • can I deposit cash and coins, paper checks into bank account with phones? 
  • Think that through...
  • Paper checks yes.  no problem....obviously cash and coin...no.  But you can't deposit coins in ATM either.   Since 90% of my payement for my work is cheque,  It works great being able to sit in my shop and just make my deposit via my iphone. My bank app on windohs 10 was a ****** web wrapper.
  • Well usually when I tell a windows phone user an app I need isn't there, they just tell me to use the web. With that mentality no one should care about this, their website still works.
  • Can't deposit checks via picture using website that I am aware of????  Need an app for that!
  • Closing account and moving to bank of America for business checking, personal checking is already on ally.  Ally is the greatest bank on the planet for home users and the windows phone app is great.  But for business I need to deposit alot of cash at a branch, so bofa here i come...own the stock so might as well be a customer
  • What happens when those apps inevitably shut down in the next few months? With no more Windows phones coming out and nothing new in the near future, the number of users will quickly drop below their threshold for support.
  • It feels bad, but i found i don't really use mobile banking app that much.   just pay credit card bill once a month and I do that on PC to check the bill details.  so .... 
  • I'm sorry to learn of this.
  • :)))) another one bites the dust! PATHETIC OS, pathetic company.
  • They support as mutch they could. THX to microsoft!!!!
  • Still going to keep my 950XL until it breaks but this sucks as it was one of the few apps I actually used.   The good thing is I've been considering leaving Wells Fargo for a while and the fact they supported Windows 10 Mobile when none of the other banks did was one of the reasons I stayed with them. Now I can find another bank. I'll have to deposit checks with my wife's phone, but I will have to do that now anyway.
  • Are you going to keep dropping banks as they shut down their Windows apps? Why not just drop Windows? It isn't the banks fault Microsoft created such a failure.