Flipkart is looking for beta testers as they evolve their Windows Phone app

The leading Indian online retailer Flipkart has a pretty good Windows Phone app since a while, and the company has placed big bets on mobile.

In the next few week, Flipkart would be rolling out a huge update porting the application to the WinRT framework. This is a huge departure from the existing codebase and, therefore, the company wants to start out public beta rollouts. Users should see a significant increase in performance and a launch almost twice as fast.

Flipkart would roll out new features in the beta app before the production one, and people signing up will experience new features from Flipkart on Windows, in most cases, before others. The port is mostly about performance and the promise of delivering features to beta first.

Click here and fill in your details to sign up as a beta tester for Flipkart. How do you like the existing Flipkart app (download links below) and what new features would you like the app to have? Tell us in the comments!

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Abhishek Baxi