Public beta of Flipkart's Windows 10 PCs and Mobile app now available

Last week we reported that Flipkart, the leading online retailer from India, is working on the next version of their Windows app based on the Universal Windows Platform for Windows 10 devices, and shared details about the beta app.

It looks like the beta version of the app has hit the Windows Store, and is available for anyone to download on Windows 10 devices, whether your on a PC or mobile.

On the first look, the app looks intuitive and offers a seamless user experience. It's also snappy in comparison to the old Windows Phone 8.1 app. It's a beta at the moment, so we'd hope for more improvements and stability, but you can check it out for yourself in the meantime.

QR: Flipkart

  • Amazing..
  • Not available....
  • It wont cz its pvt.. The app is awesome though a lil slow pn my 720
  • Article says its public beta.. Anyway I joined private beta program, and they asked for email confirmation. But they didn't get back to me. Looks like private beta tokes are over.
  • It's not private anymore
  • are you sure its a public beta? its showing not available  
  • Off topic, but is Windows Central's W10 app close to a public beta?
  • Expect it in Q2.
  • In short it means"Jay Bennet" developer of WC app will join his team again in Q2.
  • It's almost ready. Only thing they are working to fix is the forums.
    The app will be free and ad-free. Source: Daniel told us on reddit.
  • Free and ad-free? Don't think so
  • They're just implementing "Wen in India" and "First" filters and off-topic detection algorithms.
  • LOL
  • And the ones with a name DJCBS on it. Lol
  • Ouch lol
  • Lol man epic! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You forgot 'seems faster'. Lol.
  • That needs to happen
  • Not available for mobile!
  • Not available on Mobile at least
  • Will give it a try. Downloading it now
  • Not available for mobile...!
  • Not available for mobile
  • Windows central app, Its been almost a full month and some weeks saying its coming, i hope they aren't following MS slogan "coming soon"
  • I know, those programmers should be working through the holidays to make sure I have a better app now.
  • I hope you're being sarcastic....
  • Not available to download
  • For a second I thought it was the Windows Central public beta. What was I thinking.
  • The question, my friend is, what were you smoking. :D
  • Does it have the products comparison feature?
  • "Flipkart (Beta) is currently not available."
  • Dude, it's happening.. The world moves over to windows 10... And there's no stopping..!!!
  • Waiting for the Myntra UWP app!!
  • Lol still not available to download on mobile
  • Why are you not giving Download App link when I am opening Windows Central App in Windows 10 Mobile?
  • Yes .. That's why we all want new windows central app. Have to adopt to the new windows 10 store
  • i couldn't install from win 10 p.c
  • Showing not available
  • When in US? j/k lol!
  • Nice to see Lumia 820 in WC article after a long time :)
  • I got email from flipkart that I am selected and I was too late to reply so they replied that they ran out of give away codes :"(.
  • Maybe this is why I never got a text message when I entered my phone number.  Oh well, I'll wait.  Its what we do better than most.