Follow Mobile Nations at Mobile World Congress!

Mobile Nations has landed in Barcelona! We're not just here for cervezas and tapas, of course, but for the annual Mobile World Congress. We've got a lot to look forward to this week and the team on the ground will be bringing you the very best of it all.

We've a team of six on the ground in Spain, and besides keeping up with everything on the blogs you'll want to be following us on the socials as well. Head on below for all the links you need!

And don't forget to bookmark our MWC 14 hub to keep up with every little thing coming out of Barcelona!

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

Richard Devine is a Managing Editor at Windows Central with over a decade of experience. A former Project Manager and long-term tech addict, he joined Mobile Nations in 2011 and has been found on Android Central and iMore as well as Windows Central. Currently, you'll find him steering the site's coverage of all manner of PC hardware and reviews. Find him on Mastodon at

  • Bring us some good news
  • and bad news as well
  • bing us *
  • ^
  • Hope to see a windows phone compatible smart watch with heart rate monitor, fitness stuff and more! Wishful thinking, but oh well. :D
  • I'd love to see a wireless sync client like we had with Zune and WP7.5. That would make me so happy. And a faxing utility. Yum!!
  • Can't wait :S
  • kill nokia X :D
  • You win
  • YAY :D
  • Kill it with fire!
  • Sure lol ,one of my friend is eagerly waiting for this Forked android phone , will burn it XD
  • I predict a lot of disapointed people when it arrives as it has no Google features, does not have access to play store and more.. It a frekkin'low end replacement for Asha.. It does not run Android as you know it and certainly will not behave like it.   I see a lot of 'I will never buy a Nokia again, this is a bad phone' comments because people refuse to get themselves informed and expect a Nokia 'Google Android' phone which they won't get. This will be a phone running a 'based on Android' OS which ties into the MSFT/Nokia ecosystem not into the Google ecosystem.
  • Cant wait for all the android news!
  • Can't believe no new Windows Phones Grrr
  • It seems everything will happen at Build. I'm building so much hype for Build I'm afraid I'm gonna be disappointed.
  • Are you going?
  • I wish. A friend of mine might be invited through his company, but I'm a student again, so not for me unfortunately. Still hyped though:)
  • I hope your right mate my Samsung Ativ S is falling apart never buying another Samsung lol shame HTC gave up on WP
  • Don't be so sure. They'll probably install 8.1 on their next flagship and a cheap model too.
  • Yeah, like all Spanish people eat tapas. Fucking racist;)
  • Hahahaha you really made me laugh
  • I lived in Spain and most people do! Its a healthy way of eating! How can that be racist?
  • As a 30 year old white guy, I'm called racist at least once a week, so I'm just playing along in the stupid game. If you can't beat them, join them. By the way, you're a fucking racist. :)
  • Well, y'all are bigots xD
  • And proud of it:)
  • Lol
  • We happen to like Tapas!
  • But people visiting Spain do eat tapas! When in Rome...
  • Barcelona
  • Anyone know what happened to my talking Tom? Since today's update it disappeared on every single Lumia 620 . Did they take it away?
  • We will wait for build for wp devices.
  • fast foward. Daniel youre at San Fransisco todays 1st april and tomorrow is the show time
  • .......???
  • That's bit too fast. Hold your breath, mate! :)
  • Lol. Threw me off completely. By the way I keep seeing all three of you in every WPC post.
  • EiiiI!!!! You can take a visit to La Roca Village near Barcelona and I invite you to some "tapas and cervezas", jejejeje Regards to all the team!
  • Is it like all Spaniards laugh like jejjeje?
  • No simply joking, about "cervezas and tapas", as someone joked about being "racist" , or like other topics like the "siesta"(too much topic)  If there is something we are proud of, at least here in Barcelona, it's for being welcome and polite with the visitors.
  • I think hs k is asking about the way you spelled laughing with "jejejeje".
  • I cant imagin whats coming from nokia imagin....
  • So excitedddddddd!!! But build is much more exciting...
  • Which event is the stage for new product introductions? If Microsoft is allowing Nokia to introduce a forked Android device, why don't they just introduce their array of products....surface mini, surface phone, surface hybrid/ultrabook/desktop AIO, Xbox phone, Xbox tablet, gaming laptop/desktop, etc. The manufactures that they once relied on are introducing products the run on competitor platforms, so why not increase your portfolio like they're doing but with quality products? After all, these partners have the low-end covered
  • You realise that once Nokia's device division is absorbed by MSFT, that is what will happen?
  • Just started following Daniel via Pics please, or else! :)
  • No new T-Mobile lumia device? Maybe T-Mobile is done with it? I guess they'll have fun selling the same things as every other carrier.
  • I hope not. I'm praying they announce the Lumia 1520 [RM 938].
  • Plaça Espanya was way better (and smaller) than the new fair at hospitalet. Damn, last year I walked for hours to get from one point to the other of the fair. Btw, welcome to Barcelona.