Fortnite Battle Royale 3.5 brings portable forts, better loading times and a replay system

Epic Games is back with another patch for Fortnite Battle Royale and this week there's plenty of good stuff to get your teeth into. Top of the list is the new Port-a-Fort, shown in the video up top, which could be a game changer for folks like me who just aren't that good at building.

The Port-a-Fort has epic rarity and drops in individual units, but you can stack up to five in your inventory at once. For the late game, this little guy might be the difference between losing again and picking up that Victory Royale. It's three stories tall, has a door at the bottom and is made entirely of metal, so it won't disintegrate the first time someone fires an AR at you.

Something else pretty exciting is the return of the 50 v 50 mode for another run. Two teams of 50 start on different buses and duke it out in all-out war, and Tilted Towers is going to get very busy.

Also worth highlighting is that V Bucks purchased on Xbox One, PC and Mobile will now transfer between platforms. This is particularly useful for avoiding the 20 percent Apple tax buying V Bucks on the iOS version, so save your cash and get them on the Xbox One and PC instead.

Besides the Port-a-Fort, the other big new feature to hit Battle Royale is the replay system. It's only available on PC and console, but it allows you to watch back your matches from a variety of angles and with a number of different creative features. Fortnite content creators are going to love this.

It's also worth giving mention of the optimization Epic has worked on for the Xbox One in particular. Loading times for Fortnite are, well, dreadful, but with the 3.5 patch these should be reduced by a whopping 25-30 seconds. I doth my cap to you, Epic Games.

As ever, there's a ton of fixes and optimizations taking place, so hit the Epic Games blog for the full rundown.

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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