The recent success of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has shown that there's a thirst for Battle Royale-style gameplay out there, and now Epic Games is looking to get a piece of the pie. With the next update to its early-access shooter Fortnite, Epic is adding a Battle Royale mode of its own that will combine the game's building and destruction elements with massive PVP gameplay.

In start contrast to Fortnite's current co-op gameplay, Battle Royale will be played out as a brawl to see who can become the last player standing. A full 100 players at once will battle it out on one giant map, setting traps and constructing barriers along the way. Battle Royale-style gameplay can be pretty fun, and it'll be interesting to see if Fortnite's take on the mode can stand out from the pack.

Battle Royale is officially set to launch on September 26 for everyone. However, if you want to dive in and try it out a little early, the mode is available to test on the public test realm until launch. As for Fortnite itself, the game's Founder's Pack and Deluxe Founder's Pack are available at 25 percent off as part of this week's Deals with Gold.

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