From the Forums - Poll: What color is your Nokia Lumia 900?

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The Lumia 900 has been available for over a couple of weeks now. Reports are that it is selling well. What we want to know is what color Lumia 900 do you have? The numbers are going up and everyone has their favorite choice.

Forum member baseballbert has an opinion on the Cyan Lumia 900.

"Cyan, blue is the best color in the Crayola box. Already had a white iPhone and several black phones, it was time to go outside the lines with something new. Plus, its 1970's Batman Blue, I mean honestly, does it get better than that?"

Forum member NicholasCL has an idea. This is what he had to say.

"I like the white but the cyan is a little too close to powder blue for my taste...I'll stick with my matte black but why don't we have phones that change colors yet? In the 80's I had t-shirts and Hotwheels that changed color I want a phone that will change. Think about the Nokia Chameleon, the only phone that changes to match your mood or your outfit. I'd buy one."

Now that's a fun idea, but you won't find that in our poll. We only added the colors we already had and Magenta just in case. Forum member nokia4life had this to say about the White Lumia 900.

"You might have had a white iphone but it does not look better than the white lumia 900 by the way i also had the white iphone 4s this black screen floating on top of the white is awesome the phone looks like a piece of  untouched glacier it pops for real more the cyan"

The Black Lumia isn't getting much love in the thread comments even though it is holding it's own in our poll. Forum member Neibl likes his Black Lumia because of how the screen blends in and he thinks it looks more professional.

And what color Lumia 900 do you have? We want to know, so jump in the forums here and place your vote. Then tell us in the comments or in our forums thread why you got what you got.

Dave Blake