From the Forums: Lumia 920 rebooting, Portico update extending battery

Welcome to another edition of From the Forums! We'll run one more just before Christmas to get everyone into the festive spirit (should you celebrate such holidays, of course)! It's always a busy time on our community forum, but momentum is still rolling strong with Windows Phone 8 pushing in multiple markets. So what's been happening on our forums?

First on our list of attack is the Lumia 920 and its teething issues. Nokia has continued to experience problems with its Lumia hardware, particularly the 800, 900 and 920. The latest flagship from the company is causing owners concern with random reboots and failing completely, rendering the Windows Phone useless.

DaytonaGTS has received the Portico update but has reported more issues surrounding the restarting, which the update was supposed to address. 

"The most anoying times is when it will go into a reboot loop, I will see the ATT screen then the NOKIA sceen followed by the ATT screen and so on from a few times to 15-20 minutes sometimes ending in freezing and haveing to soft boot it. I was really hoping Portico would fix this but not even close, so far it hasn't rebooted as often but very simularly to the past."

Are you experiencing said issues with your Lumia 920, particularly if you've loaded the update? Be sure to engage with other members of our community forum in the "920 still rebooting after Portico update" thread.

OTA Update

Protico update extending battery

As well as threads and posts containing complaints from owners that detail issues with rebooting, even after the latest Windows Phone 8 update, we've also go positive experiences with battery life being extended and improves for users to annihilate through heavy usage. Our own George Ponder has also joined the gang to reveal battery improvements.

Flagz reported the following improvements:

"Noticed an improvement in battery as well, usually I got 14 hours heavy - moderate use, now so far I've gotten 19 hours and still 40% with checking emails, facebook, Netflix for 25 mins and a few games and app downloads all on WIFI."

The Portico update addresses a number of bugs and issues, as well as adding a handful of features and improvements. Head on over to the "Portico tripled my battery!" thread to add your thoughts. Have you noticed an improvement in battery life through use?

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