From the Forums: Mobile World Congress and beautiful wide Live Tiles

Today's a huge day for mobile, especially Windows Phone and Nokia. If you've only just woken up then be sure to head on over to check out our continued coverage of this year's Mobile World Congress. As well as our team bringing you the latest news, we've also got the latest discussions from our Windows Phone community forum. So what's been happening?

So as well as following our MWC coverage, we've created a dedicated forum for all related discussions to take place. Have something to say about Nokia announcements, wish to add some opinions on new hardware and / or gadgets? Be sure to head on over and engage with other Windows Phone Central readers.

The Mobile World Congress 2013 forum has already been populated with a handful of thread, so what are you waiting for?


Beautiful wide Live Tiles

Windows Phone apps designed well are arguably the best looking apps around, but what makes said content look even better on hardware? Live Tiles, of course. But we're talking about wide Live Tiles here. Not the small, or medium ones... only the massive tiles will do. Our own Windows Phone Central app sports wide Live Tile support now, which has been welcomed by users.

Staying on the topic of wide tiles, what are your favourite apps that sport the best wide Live Tiles? Member rockstarzzz has added a few to get us started:

  • Windows Phone Central
  • Photos (stock)
  • Weather Flow
  • Amazing Weather HD
  • Groupon

Head on over to the "Apps with beautiful large tiles" thread and add your favourites.

Missing the Nokia EOS?

Forum member Acbuono5 has started a new thread on the Nokia EOS, which was not announced today at MWC. The question is asked, are you glad the company isn't announcing the device yet?

"If Nokia starts to release high end smartphones every 6 months, I think their phones' quality is going to go down the drain (unless they stopped cutting positions and have hired more designers and engineers recently which I haven't heard be the case yet). Don't get me wrong I would love to see Nokia announce the EOS tomorrow at their event but I would just feel it would be half ass rushed like the Lumia 900. That's one phone I don't understand why they released it since wp8 was just around the corner. I could definitely see Nokia announcing the EOS for the holiday season or whenever windows phone blue update is set to be released. "

We're also slightly pleased that no announcement has been made yet. The Lumia 920 is a superb flagship Windows Phone, but we can definitely see room for more advancements to be made - especially the camera. So what do you think? Be sure to add your thoughts over in the "Glad Nokia ISN'T announcing EOS" thread.

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