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Today's a huge day for mobile, especially Windows Phone and Nokia. If you've only just woken up then be sure to head on over to check out our continued coverage of this year's Mobile World Congress. As well as our team bringing you the latest news, we've also got the latest discussions from our Windows Phone community forum. So what's been happening?

So as well as following our MWC coverage, we've created a dedicated forum for all related discussions to take place. Have something to say about Nokia announcements, wish to add some opinions on new hardware and / or gadgets? Be sure to head on over and engage with other Windows Phone Central readers.

The Mobile World Congress 2013 forum has already been populated with a handful of thread, so what are you waiting for?


Beautiful wide Live Tiles

Windows Phone apps designed well are arguably the best looking apps around, but what makes said content look even better on hardware? Live Tiles, of course. But we're talking about wide Live Tiles here. Not the small, or medium ones... only the massive tiles will do. Our own Windows Phone Central app sports wide Live Tile support now, which has been welcomed by users.

Staying on the topic of wide tiles, what are your favourite apps that sport the best wide Live Tiles? Member rockstarzzz has added a few to get us started:

  • Windows Phone Central
  • Photos (stock)
  • Weather Flow
  • Amazing Weather HD
  • Groupon

Head on over to the "Apps with beautiful large tiles" thread and add your favourites.

Missing the Nokia EOS?

Forum member Acbuono5 has started a new thread on the Nokia EOS, which was not announced today at MWC. The question is asked, are you glad the company isn't announcing the device yet?

"If Nokia starts to release high end smartphones every 6 months, I think their phones' quality is going to go down the drain (unless they stopped cutting positions and have hired more designers and engineers recently which I haven't heard be the case yet). Don't get me wrong I would love to see Nokia announce the EOS tomorrow at their event but I would just feel it would be half ass rushed like the Lumia 900. That's one phone I don't understand why they released it since wp8 was just around the corner. I could definitely see Nokia announcing the EOS for the holiday season or whenever windows phone blue update is set to be released. "

We're also slightly pleased that no announcement has been made yet. The Lumia 920 is a superb flagship Windows Phone, but we can definitely see room for more advancements to be made - especially the camera. So what do you think? Be sure to add your thoughts over in the "Glad Nokia ISN'T announcing EOS" thread.

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  • The Wide Tile discussion turned me on to the TVshow app. Don't know how I lasted until now without it.
  • Jays new tiles are amazing it looks awesome :)
  • I wish they announced a Verizon 920.
  • Don't believe carrier specific announcements come at MWC.
  • The HTC One X did in 2012 and the 521 did.
  • First of all the Lumia 920 is the best @windowsphone but it is far from high end!  @nokia NEEDS to make a true high end flagship phone to compete with HTC and Samsung  and secondly it is only available on one US carrier!
  • Lumia 920 is high end, can more than compete with HTC and Samsung offerings, but exclusivity is a problem.
  • The 920 is FAR from high end? Really? It can compete with any phone on the market and has the best camera period besides the Nokia 808 Pureview.
  • I've been saying that since it's release didn't live up to the hype, especially the camera. Nokia and Microsoft really dropped the ball on the Lumia L920. That's all I will say seeing that harsh criticism of WP will get you banned from the forums.
  • I just want them to announce some big apps at mwc this year....maybe like instagram or like temple run 2. I want at least one big app
  • This!
  • My favorite double wide tiles are of course this app, Power Tasks, and TV Show for 7.8.
  • No Instagram yet is a bummer. I know, I know, many of you hate Instagram. But it is still a killer app for many, and many who I know were interested in switching to WP did not because of the lack of an Instagram client. I follow a number of photographers (including those from National Geography) who uses Instagram to showcase part of their work or behind the scenes, so it isn't just limited to hipsters who takes pictures of food and apply 60s filter.
  • I was really hoping that some more options or variations in the high end models would be announced, so that those of us on carriers other than Rogers in Canada could get ahold of a Nokia WP8 similar to the 920.  Telus picked up the 620, and although it's a great low-end phone, it's not gonna do it for me. 
  • TV Show wide tile!
  • Am glad Nokia held off announcing a new flagship phone..I went through this already.had the Lumia 900 for only a bit..was their flagship and then boom,,announcement of Windows 8 and the Lumia 920..felt like I was taken for a ride because Nokia and Microsoft knew of the the upcoming new OS(Windows Phone 8) and they still went ahead and marketed the 900 in spite of now have upgraded to the new flagship(Lumia 920) ..hope this phone will remain the flagship a lot longer than the 900 was..well I can always hope,,can't I
  • Well honestly, I think we'll still see the rumored devices come out this year...starting with the Verizon 920 Laser, especially if it's already hit the FCC. Nokia needs to keep a 6-12 month cycle of devices on the high end to compete with other OEMs here in the US. Now im not saying for them to produce phones like HTC does where the cycle is every 3-4 months. But a flagship or high end device does need to be introduced at least every year.
    I do feel like Nokia needs to market to the US with high end devices than bringing the mid-tier / low tier phones here due to carrier subsidies. I honestly dont understand why the 520 will be heading to T-Mobile? I know Nokia makes more revenue with low end devices, but I think it wouldn't matter here in the US where most OEMs market toward the higher end of things. Anyway, putting radio bands aside, the 720 looks like it would do better on t-mobile than the 520. But what do I know, I'm not a marketing/business major...
  • I'm sorry, but you need to understand something. Our 920s will remain the same weather or not a better phone comes out this month or next year. If you are happy with your phone like I am, why are you already choosing a preemptive disappointment because a new, better phone will inevitably replace it at some point? Why can't people just be happy? I love my 920, and I can't wait to see what new phone will replace it at some point cause I can only imagine being more impressed by it. It's exciting to me, not a bell tolling for thee.
  • All the EOS whiners should  send their grieveances to Microsoft not Nokia!! Nokia cant do anything unless MS updates the OS to support newer, more powerful Qualcomm SOC's, Full HD resolution screens, more ram and some extra OS featues.
  • Yet the surround had slide out speakers, and the titan II had a 16MP camera?
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