From the Forums: More Notification Center talk, Temple Run 2 and random adverts

As we prepare to hit Friday and head into the weekend, we'll take a quick gander at what's been happening on the community forum here at Windows Phone Central. Should you not be familiar with our community, you're missing out on some top discussions with thousands of other Windows Phone fans. It's a place for all to mingle and communicate within topics related to the platform and beyond. So, what's been hot on the thread list?

Kicking us off is a thread dedicated to the potential Notification Center that Microsoft is believed to have in the works. Forum member JosephHaubrich93 has provided an example of how the company can enable consumers to customise the system to suit their needs and requirements. Offering up four options:

"The first will be to enable all apps to display their notifications in the Notification Center. The second option will be to enable all apps that are not pinned to the start screen to display notifications in the Notification Center.The third option will enable the user to choose which apps he or she wants displayed in the Notification Center by presenting a list of all installed apps, from built in apps like messaging and email to third party ones like twitter and draw something, where the user can individually select which ones they want displayed in the Notification Center. And the fourth and final option will be to completely 'disable' the Notification Center. Just like kids corner, if it is disabled, it will not display at all so swiping from the left will do nothing just like our phones do now. "

It's certainly a possibility, but what would you like to see Microsoft implement? Are you in need of such a feature to manage notifications, or a Live Tiles and toast notifications more than enough? Be sure to add your thoughts in the "How to Address the Notification Center, on Windows Phone, Debate!" thread.

Jogging through the Temple

There's no denying that Temple Run is extremely popular (even my old man has got into the gameplay), but it's not available on Windows Phone just yet, which is causing some concern for those who have read news that Temple Run 2 is heading to iOS and Android. While it's valid for anyone to complain that their favourite app isn't on the platform, how does one go about fixing this? Here's the trailer if you're interested:

It's noted in the thread that Temple Run is built on Unity, which has pledged support for Windows Phone - so is this the gateway the developers could use for an easy Windows Phone port? Most definitely. Why wouldn't they launch it on the platform if it takes little effort to port the title over? ImAdrian23 has made a valid point though. Microsoft should be on top of things like this.

The company used a superb strategy for the Xbox to push it hard into mainstream video gaming. Microsoft made it popular. This is where it's losing it for Windows Phone, both for apps and also gaming, which we've continuously highlighted. Could the company not just pump money into a pool where developers' efforts are invested? It's certainly worth questioning them on the topic, just where is the funding for such strategies?

Add your $0.02 over on the "Temple Run 2" thread.

Miscellaneous: favourite random commercials

A more of a 'thread to pass the time', BIGPADDY has created a thread that allows fellow members to post their favourite commercials. We've all sat on the couch late a night with a pizza, and that one commercial pops on which makes you giggle quietly. So why not share the humour and forget about all the issues with Windows Phone? Sounds like a win-win?

We've already had one to start us off:

So which advertisements on television make you smile? Share your "WTF?" favourites on the "Random commercial (advert) you have seen" thread. As always, joining in the conversation is completely free, so if you don't already have a Mobile Nations account, be sure to create one right away!

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