From the Forums: More Notification Center talk, Temple Run 2 and random adverts

As we prepare to hit Friday and head into the weekend, we'll take a quick gander at what's been happening on the community forum here at Windows Phone Central. Should you not be familiar with our community, you're missing out on some top discussions with thousands of other Windows Phone fans. It's a place for all to mingle and communicate within topics related to the platform and beyond. So, what's been hot on the thread list?

Kicking us off is a thread dedicated to the potential Notification Center that Microsoft is believed to have in the works. Forum member JosephHaubrich93 has provided an example of how the company can enable consumers to customise the system to suit their needs and requirements. Offering up four options:

"The first will be to enable all apps to display their notifications in the Notification Center. The second option will be to enable all apps that are not pinned to the start screen to display notifications in the Notification Center.The third option will enable the user to choose which apps he or she wants displayed in the Notification Center by presenting a list of all installed apps, from built in apps like messaging and email to third party ones like twitter and draw something, where the user can individually select which ones they want displayed in the Notification Center. And the fourth and final option will be to completely 'disable' the Notification Center. Just like kids corner, if it is disabled, it will not display at all so swiping from the left will do nothing just like our phones do now. "

It's certainly a possibility, but what would you like to see Microsoft implement? Are you in need of such a feature to manage notifications, or a Live Tiles and toast notifications more than enough? Be sure to add your thoughts in the "How to Address the Notification Center, on Windows Phone, Debate!" thread.

Jogging through the Temple

There's no denying that Temple Run is extremely popular (even my old man has got into the gameplay), but it's not available on Windows Phone just yet, which is causing some concern for those who have read news that Temple Run 2 is heading to iOS and Android. While it's valid for anyone to complain that their favourite app isn't on the platform, how does one go about fixing this? Here's the trailer if you're interested:

It's noted in the thread that Temple Run is built on Unity, which has pledged support for Windows Phone - so is this the gateway the developers could use for an easy Windows Phone port? Most definitely. Why wouldn't they launch it on the platform if it takes little effort to port the title over? ImAdrian23 has made a valid point though. Microsoft should be on top of things like this.

The company used a superb strategy for the Xbox to push it hard into mainstream video gaming. Microsoft made it popular. This is where it's losing it for Windows Phone, both for apps and also gaming, which we've continuously highlighted. Could the company not just pump money into a pool where developers' efforts are invested? It's certainly worth questioning them on the topic, just where is the funding for such strategies?

Add your $0.02 over on the "Temple Run 2" thread.

Miscellaneous: favourite random commercials

A more of a 'thread to pass the time', BIGPADDY has created a thread that allows fellow members to post their favourite commercials. We've all sat on the couch late a night with a pizza, and that one commercial pops on which makes you giggle quietly. So why not share the humour and forget about all the issues with Windows Phone? Sounds like a win-win?

We've already had one to start us off:

So which advertisements on television make you smile? Share your "WTF?" favourites on the "Random commercial (advert) you have seen" thread. As always, joining in the conversation is completely free, so if you don't already have a Mobile Nations account, be sure to create one right away!

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  • My friend owns an Android phone and as I looked at the mess called a notification center. I'm like I don't see the appeal at all. But that's just me. I luv my WP device without it.
  • Agreed!
  • I don't know what extra functionality it adds when live tiles are already doing that. But I guess it is for those apple and google converts who were so used to a notification center that they want it in WP as well. I'll call it a welcome addition for some.
  • Not everyone wants to pin 300 apps just to receive notifications for each one...
  • Notification center is not just displaying notifications. It provides two major benefits
    1. Show history of notifications sorted by time. I can choose to see the oldest or latest.
    2. Show notifications stack for the same app.
    Even though the first one may not be that important for some, the second one is needed. WP cannot do the second item.
    I own a Windows Phone since Dec 2010. I love the OS (though the eco system is weak). But, I think, we need a Notification History screen. Lets not call it Notification Center.
  • I still feel if there is an API then users can download notification centre apps if they so desire.  All Microsoft needs to do is allow apps (and the system of course) to register notifications, and allow APIs to read / process those notifications, and leave the rest to the app developers to write notification centre apps.
    This also is a good solution for those who do not want a notification centre at all.
  • Simple solution for WP8 in my opinion:
    Allow users to select which apps run notifications through the "Me" tile.  
  • Hooky hook. Hooky hook. Hooky hook. Hooky hook. Hooky hook. Hooky hook. 
  • No need for notification center for me. What a waste, and I don't miss it. That's just me though. I have seen enough people on here saying that's their #1 thing missing. To each there own.
  • The problem is when you don't have an app pinned to the start screen and miss a toast notification, and no you shouldn't be required to pin everything to the start screen in order to see a live tile or it becomes a jumbled mess.
    If notifications are useles, then remove toasts all together, and use only the tiles to see if something happened.
    I personally think a notification center would be useful.
  • Like I said, to each their own... I have what I need on my screen. There is nothing jumbled or messy about it. Its great with the live tiles I need. If I didn't want that, I would have chosen something else.
  • I think a notification hub should be built into the "Me" tile. It already exists there now, but it's only FB and twitter notifications. Make that panel for all true onboard notifications missed calls, texts, e-mails, all toast notifications etc and add some sort of live tile number count to let you know you have something there. Or better yet, make it "customizable" in the same ways you cna choose which apps can show quick status on the lock screen.
    If you have text messages, phone tiles, and large sized email that shows parts of the latest message then use the notification panel to display toat notifications, or whatever.
    Wouldn't be hard at all, and it would be true to the OS while still being completely different from what other devices do.
  • "The Me hub is supposed to be a place for the "social you" and not the "technical you" so integrating all notifications into the Me hub wouldn't go with the rationale behind that hub"
  • Agreed.  Then it would make the "Me" hub a jumbled mess.  I think some have suggested for those who really want this a seperate tile should be created where these notifications go.  Then you can decide to put it on your start screen or not.  Simple as pie IMO.
  • Temple run looks like a good game. I'm not dying to get because its the greatest thing but it would be good to just get good apps and games soon like other platforms. *sigh*
  • Its not that bad...
  • Instead of calling it a notification center I think we should just say we need a quick way to see toast notifications. Maybe that's just a toast live tile that you click that list all the toast messages that haven't been clicked. Live tiles covers everything else
  • Toast central :)....or center
  • I like that name if they have to have one.
  • Instead of temple run, port the WinRT version of GunStringer.
  • +1!!!!!!!! I was thinking that earlier!
  • Yes, as a former iPad owner it truly is MUCH better and less repetetive what with the shooting and the boss fights and the story etc etc etc
  • Notification center on WP8 is not needed.
  • Only issue with live tile is if you don't place app on home screen, you wont get notified but only once maybe and if you catch at the moment. Maybe notification center is necessary. Its just finding a way to implement it using live tiles.
  • I think it would be awesome if they had the notification center come from the left side. Like swipe right to get the apps and swipe left for the notification center. That way it offers a different look from what everybody else is doing with the swipe down technique.
  • Microsoft please do not copy androids or IOS style of notification. Make something unique something totally different which also takes advantage of the new lock screen. Notification on the lock screen should if possible be clickable for easy excess.
  • The live tiles serve as notifications.
  • I just want to see toast notifications stay there until either swiped away or tapped on, rather than disappearing on their own. That would be enough for me. Maybe even have a setting to choose how long toast notifications stay visible.
  • Here are two examples where it would be NICE to have a notification center (for me):
    1. Twitter App for Windows Phone- I have it set to notify me through toast when I get mentioned, favorited, retweeted, DM'd, and when I get a new follower. Usually I have my phone in my pocket so I get the toast, but there are times that I don't have it on me like when I'm charging it. Well let's say I get a new follower. I miss the notification. Now, I have no idea that I got a new follower. The only thing I've actually seen on Twitter's live tile is retweets, favorites, and mentions. I don't see Direct Messages or new followers on the live tile. A lot of this fault goes to the twitter app developers for not adding DM and new followers to the live tile, but even if it showed those notifications on the live tile, you still have to travel through the app to get to the notification. It would be more convenient if there was a notification center and you can just tap a notification and it goes straight to the notification in the app.
    2. App not pinned as live tile- I pretty much stopped using Facebook a while a go because of all the spam i kept seeing on my timeline. I've moved on to mostly Twitter. Well since i barely ever use Facebook,I don't have it pinned as a live tile,but I will get a notification every once in a while from a friend (and i really mean like once every two weeks). Well i have NO IDEA about this notification until I'm so bored that I open the Facebook app and I see it but I'm like a week late. It would be nice if that notification would pop up on my phone somewhere without having to waste a whole live tile space on it. (btw i have WP 7.5 so i guess WP 8 would be better at this because you can shrink the tile)
  • The notification center should just be a swipe from left to right on the start or lock screen.
  • Hmm..... How about this....The notification tile should show some kind of animation like a glow effect or a bounce to notify a new update from the last time the home screen was viewed. It can also bring the tile with the most recent notification on the top left, as soon as you have view the notification(either clicking the tile or just viewing the home screen) the tile will go back to its place.
    Ex 1: -  Suppose I have a skype tile with 4 unread notifications. I go to my app list and in the mean time i get another chat  on skype. So now when i come back to home screen it will not only display 5 unread notification but the tiles edges will glow to notify that it has received a fresh notification from the last time the home screen was viewed.
    Ex2: - Suppose I have a cricket score tile, its out of screen, and it has a notification set for whenever a wicket falls. So as soon a wicket falls, the tile will place itself in the top left corner and start to glow. I unlock my screen, i jst view the notification(I am not clicking the tile, just unlocking the screen and glancing at it), to make that tile to go in its original postion, a swipe gesture on the tile can be implemented, locking the screen again, or even a time period can be implemented, say that after 2 or 5 seconds the tile will automatically go on it place.
  • Notification center? I just don't get this one. Never have. The main section of my screen is my notification center, why would I need a separate area? Whatever.
  • Obviously many posting here do not get toast notifications or they would know that we certainly need a way to get our missed ones. If we miss a toast there is now way to know what it was unless it also updates a live tile and that we have it pinned. We cannot pin everything and not all update a live tile so in those cases the notification is gone forever--how does anyone conclude that is acceptable behavoir?
  • We also need a setting in the noiticaton centre to supress toasts overnight. I don't need my phone waking me up to let me know my parcel just got scanned in Toronto.
  • They should just make the Notification Center the same way as they do it in the Zune HD with the History bar to the left. That would be awesome and would also stay with the same language as the Metro Interface has.  
  • An unique notification centre would be very useful! 
    Like mentioned by many above not all of apps are pinned on to my start screen. 
    Whatsapp just drains my battery when I have it on my startscreen so I have to keep in the app menu. So I have no idea when I get a message until I open it. 
    Games are the other thing. I can't keep ALL of them pinned to my start screen.  So yeah.. I'm in for an unique idea for a notification centre.  The integration in the ME HUB was genius! You can swipe left for facebook updates and then Swipe right if you want your notifications from all your apps/games whatnot!  WHERE'S my 7.8??? Shouldn't it be here by now? :(
  • Live tiles would be fine if they worked. The ESPN live tile specifically doesn't stay up to date. Heat played the Lakers last night and it is still showing the score from the previous game with the Kings.