From the Forums: Share apps between users, charging pads gimmicky?

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First up is a user poll by pjeung that asks the question: "How is your Lumia 920 protected?" The Lumia 920 is a powerhouse that's built by the company best known for mobile phones that can withstand an explosion. That said, no smartphone is indestructible - as was proven in tests that pushed the Lumia 920 to its breaking point.

Fellow forum user tissotti responded to the poll with the following:

"I have owned all of the poly unibodies Nokia has released other than Lumia 900 (N9, Lumia 800 and Lumia 920) and non of have even a mark on the body of the phone. Imo if you want protection for your Lumia 920 you could get screen protector, but other than that i can't really find a reason to buy case."

So how's your Lumia 920 (or other Windows Phone) protected? Be sure to head on over to the thread to vote and add your thoughts / experiences.

Sharing apps between users

A debate has kicked off surrounding app sharing between users. Windows Phone Central user rdubmu asks if it's possible for apps to be shared between family members in a household on different Microsoft Accounts (or a new family account). Would developers believe this to be a good idea? 

SnailUK responded with the following idea:

"There has to be a way of implementing family accounts for Microsoft/iOS/whatever so family's dont end up paying repeatedly for the same stuff, or at least get a discount on bulk purchase."

Should owners be able to use apps they don't pay for because a single purchase has been made? What limitations and restrictions could be enforced if such tersm were allowing the practice to take place? Add your thoughts in the "Sharing Apps between two accounts" thread.

Miscellaneous: Charging pads gimmicky?

Pikachu 920

Nokia first introduced wireless charging in Windows Phone with its latest Lumia Windows Phone 8 line of smartphones. Such functionality enables consumers to use Qi standard wireless charging docks and stations to charge up the battery instead of using the traditional cable. It solves the need to continue plugging the device into the wall or PC.

But is it a gimmick, or is wireless charging a thing of the future? Windows Phone Central user navbouy explains experience with the Lumia 920:

"When I first received the pad i thought it was just a bit gimmicky,how wrong can you get. It's only a small thing but being able to place your phone down and power it up has made life just simpler no more faffing about plugging it in. It's sometimes the small things that make your day."

Many who have purchased a Lumia 920 or Lumia 820 have received free wireless chargers. If you've got one with your Windows Phone, do you use it? If so, what do you make of the functionality? Head on over to the "Charging pad,not just a gimmick" thread to add your thoughts.

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